Terminator Meets Metal

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Hey guys, So recently I've been seeing this one all over the place. The first 2 Terminators are definitely up there on my list of wicked flicks. And the score is just scrumb-tru-lescent haha. Thank you guys so much for everything. It means the entire world to me. Big ups for all the comments, subs, suggestions, messages, donations, fan art, and support. You have always and will always rock my casbah.P.S. Once again, for those who have been voting for me in the golden gods, thank you so much. Just being recognized it beyond a dream. Humungous ups!Best to yaEGolden Gods:

331erock Omnia OmniaMedia cover guitar judgement day metal movie rock shred solo song terminator theme

I love the unconstrained joy on your face. It's exactly how i feel when listening to this.
Ahmed Shams
i am terminated .
Andrew Tornadoboy
Anime Guy
Kill la Kill meets Metal
Arctic Avenger
I'm a cybernetic organism, living tissue over a metal endoskeleton.
Dat Terminator 2 theme \u003c3 \u003c3 
I had an orgasm
The Simpsons meets metal\n\nFamily Guy meets metal\n\nSouth Park meets metal\n\nOH PLEASE DO SOUGHT PARK!
Carson Wade
I love the chin beard, it makes you look a little more mature. Also, great job dude! Every time I watch one of your videos, your talent always blows me away, without fail!
Charles Washburn
when this movie came out in 1984 and im talking about the first terminator film!!!!!! Arnold said I'LL BE BACK!!!! well that was decades ago now days if that quote is still remembered I would say that this guy has brought it back with the sound big time....   AWSOME :)
Chris Reynolds
Holy Shit this is awesome!! This should have been in the movie
Colt Gustafson
I am not a fan of the fast tempo of this version. While it does sound good, I think the slower tempo of the original is far more appropriate.
Core Combat N.I
Sarah Connor?\nCome with me if you want to.........RAWKKKK!!!!!!
Crixus The Gaul
One of the best movies of all time, can't say the same for the modern ones though.
Terminator 2 is in my top 5 all time! This is just insane!
Despotic Waffle
Those who clicked dislike probably made a mistake and thought it meant \
Devon Ferrier
Of course I like this, My dad took me to see Judgement Day on my 7th birthday,
Dmitriy Chertov
Best cover of the terminator, I also recorded a cover, but not so cool
Dolma Barde
This is one of my favourite cover of yours.
Double Ika
*Add's to favourites*\n\n I'll be back....
Dule Zdravkovicci
Completely missed the theme. Yet again, if your goal was to change the style n all, then - good job. P.S. Nice tech skills 8)
+331Erock Not only are you a great guitarist, but you seem to really enjoy yourself... Great job man
Farting On Stuff
I need your guitar, your skills, and your metal.
The original theme is this dark, industrial tone, designed to evoke subtle dread. This version sound like it should be backing an anime of the _shounen_ or _seinen_ demographics. I like it!
Gandalf The White
Left this on repeat overnight, went to sleep as a boy... woke up a man.  :D
If I had a billion dollars to give you and say \
love the Style of music and definitely give you props for the Grunge look 1990s Nostalgic
JLS Gaming
come with me if you want to shred
Jason Noling
I have dreamt about someone making a metal song out of this movie, and finally it came true! This is my all time favorite movie, Schwarzengger kicks ass and so do you! I LOVE IT!!!!
Jon Wayne
I know now why you cry.
Jonas of Persia
I tried to copy this guy but when he really starts moving I just can't follow. Not giving up though :-)
Josh Chamberlain
This should be in the Genisys movie
Julian Gonzalez
182 people rocked so hard they missed the like button
Just chill Guys
Eargasm starts from 0:25.
the terminator IS metal though
Kevin Lyons
How do you record the backing tracks? Like the drums and everything? 
you should be nominated for a award or have some of the film directors use yours songs for the themes they are awesome
Lelouch Vi Britannia
I think I just found my favorite meets metal video\ufeff
MAD Tommy
Holy mother of metal !!!
Markus Sauerbrey
Wow, very cool! Know Zero Signal by Fear Factory?
Max Planck
USA National Anthem meets Metal
Mordred Marsh
Even Skynet has not enough power to beat metal!!!
Mrin Max 103
You're Super amazing & AWesome!!!!!!! :) \\m/
Nasib Siddique
come with me if you want to listen this.now soldier! :)
Nero Valentine
Wait,terminator is already metal...ic
Oliver Martin
Praise be to thee, oh Great Shredder of Metal.\n\nWe rejoice in the heavenly sounds of the thrashing of metal, made only by you oh so Noble Metalhead.\n\nOur ears are your picks so that you may destroy them by showing your overwhelming dominance of the guitar.\n\nOur alliegence be to you, oh so Wonderful 311erock.\n\n\n\nlol
Piotr C
Riff from 2:35 melts my face. Amazing work!
PotXDragon the threshold
its badass its pure badass a man that not only worked at being great with a guitar but also decides to cover some songs that he would like to do u fkn rock dude woooooooooooo
Quiznatodd Bidness
Omfg I remember always watching Terminator 2 when I was about three years old and I would always cry at the end when they lowered him into the molten steel, cause he was the coolest thing ever and I wanted to be his best friend and I didn't want him to die and that fucking music made it 10x worse :P
Raiden Ripper
76 people have been Terminated...
Risk Romer
kids, if when you play the guitar you don't look as jolly and joyful as this guy you are doing it wrong
Roronoa Zoro
e rock please crysis 2 meets metal !!!
Ryan Ryosuke Oba
You are awesome
i just love your smile....
I need your Guitar, your Boots and your Motorcycle.
Sam Noneofyourbisnus
your cloths ... give them to me
Samurai Jack
Please, play this on my wedding!Please!
Sara Lemon
Don't add anything or your creativity to original music because original doesn't want anything artificial thanks
You're my new hero!
Sion thefool
2:35 and onward......................OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE LIVED AND CAN NOW DIE PEACEFULLY!!!!
I would just like to say thank you for making this video.  I have been following you for some time, and I can say this is my favorite video that you have ever done.  Definitely the best version of the Terminator theme bar none.  I listen to this at least twice a day because it is so great.  Once again thank you!
You seem so happy in everysingle video. That is so great, makes me smile everytime i look at a video of yours, additional to the good music ofc!
You know I WAS expecting a simple chug chug riff, but this is beautifully composed, thanks for bringing real metal back.
Suicide Squad reaction Batman vs Superman
your clothes giving it to me now
Terminator Meets Metal:813 713 views.\nRobocop Meets Metal:360 649 views.
Taiya Nadine
Easily the best metal remix of this song I've heard. Now if only I could find an MP3 of dis shiz..
Travis Bickle
Nice night for a walk.
Trinity TV
3:38 is GOLD!
Van Steel
Sewah Connah ... Vere is Sewah Conaaaah??!?!
We're not worthy we're not worthy!!  \
Your metal, give it to me.
Zsolt Unterwéger
So much respect for making this cover, dear friend! My favourite movie, and I'd liked to hear this awesome soundtrack in my music genre. Thank you!!
ajith issac
Holy hell , this awesome
it all makes sense now! he's a cybernetic organism sent here from the future to show us what REAL metal is!!!
what you need to do is to find a way to bring out cd's n shit or work with hollywood, heard a couple of these songs and damn bro, you got something in u, amping up regular instrumentals agrees with you well.\n\\,,/
I so far haven't watched any video with him talking because I like to think of him as this metal god that doesn't need to speak and just lets you get wooed by his majestic locks that tentacle up and play seven more guitars.
mark patrick
i miss terminator 1 + 2, theyre my favourite films :) arnie ftw :)
max radke
Me lisinging to erock, dad walks in \n\
now that's a true \
noodle knight
You can't kill the metal\nThe metal will live on\n_RISE OF THE MACHINES_ tried to kill the metal\nBut it failed, as it was smite to the ground\n_SALVATION_ tried to kill the metal\nBut it failed, as it was stricken down to the ground\n_GENISYS_ tried to kill the metal Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha\nIt failed, as it was thrown to the ground
rEYEn illumanati
Nice terminator t-shirt
rana rene
futurama please!
I've YouTube'd this over half the nights for the last month, and I always get goosebumps.  That's all I need to know about how much this rocks.  Saying \
I was listening soundtrack of Conan, accidentally got this. Lucky that I hit that.
There are many T2 metal covers on youtube. This one is hands down the best.
I need your guitar, your skill, and your patience...
tommy d u b b s
Your chops give them to me..
Je veux être son voisin! 😍
yolantha scheepink
dude its from another planet ur music !!!!!
Words cannot describe the awesomeness of this dude
Ахуяр Ахуяров
Когда будет \
Василий Сапич
Пиздец,как охуенно въебал !Заебись ! Вот и думайте наглосаксы,что здесь нацарапано !
Вячеслав Сивцев
i just imagine how this robots fighting \nam sori about ma big bad ninglish\n\nbut your understsand that i love this music/ \ndamn i must die for music\ngodddamn i have to die for metal\n\n\ni dunno live without a metal