Top 10 Movies That Predicted The Future

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Bet you didn't think that 'The Matrix', Terminator 2 and Super Mario Bros predicted 9/11, well guess again as we delve into the top 10 movies that predicted the future..Check out everything you need to know about Back To The Future!! -

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I thought my schizophrenic episode was over for the day. Apparently I was wrong. Thanks...
Andrej Tasev
The movie that WILL predict the future is honestly Mad Max
Anon ymous
Truman show didn't predict shit about reality shows. The first reality shows that followed people living in a house etc were already made at that time and the Truman show writers were inspired by them in creating their movie.
Ayk Bayanduryan
its not predictions of future its an ideas which people took and made it happen
Basil Minhas
The world we live in now was considered science fiction 10 years ago
Bassam Abulela
9/11 is an inside job and a lot of American people know that.
Beetle Booze
Law of probability, Too many damn movies! Haha
I predicted this vid would be weak before watching it.
Cosmos Violet
neo's passport is not predicting the future it is just what the date is
Creative Force
Military, governments or simply the elites always have a huge step in advance in matter of knowledge and tech.\nEvery showcased tech/prototypes/concepts you see in movies have been probably mastered by the military (like DARPA),\n as time goes by the tech becomes obsolete hence available for the main public (occasionally).
what if it wasn't a prediction? instead,they saw/watched the movie then make it real today..
Damien Johnson
Don't forget in back to the future 2 it showed a part dat said Cubs win world series, and years later da Cubs won a world series
Delira Innominata
Truman is unwittingly watched.\nKardashian is wittingly and willingly watched.\n\nThese two things are not the same and I shall not be watching your video any further.
And 1984 predicted that there's going to be a year 1984!!! OMG!!!!
Edwin J
Some of these things probably inspired future events rather than predicting them.
Finn Bazz
I will predict that I will masterbate next Wednesday, I will reply when it's done.
Garlic Fucken City 408
Hollywood = Propaganda
first 3D film aired on September 27, 1922 ;)
Grace Lucille
2:23 why do the subtitles contain 9:11 when that's not what he's saying?
Wow did not even metion demolition man predicting Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor of California.
GuerrillaDigger ™
You neglected to mention the most prophetic movie of all:  Idiocracy.
Harald Gill
What about Star Trek and all the technologies it cell phones, smart phones, nano tech, carbon fiber, etc?
Kardashians, famous for absolutely nothing.
Jacob L
Now you can add the new purge movie Election Day - trump
Demolition Man in 1993 predicting that Arnold Schwarzenegger would become Governor of California - now that is predicting the future. Half of these were utter nonsense and real lame stretches.
James Gowan
Damn.... PLEASE STOP the side video flutter in future vids!!!! So annoying!
Jane Smith
In Back to the future 2, the Doc was wearing cargo pants.
Jason Mountford
You have missed out the one that predicts the future most. 'They Live' from 1988 starring Roddy Piper.
Jona Jona
back to the future part 2 is awesome. like they proper predicted everything which is so weird
Jr Lavallee
These aren't predictions. This is the Elites way of feeling superior while telling what them have planned for us.
Just Sum Guy
Truman show predicts a lot of people cracking onto the sky opening up at the end hinting at a flat-earth being hidden in \
Top 10 movies that gave ideas for the future
2:00 \n\n\nThinks to self: \
Kenneth D. Aston Jr.
There was realty TV when \
Some of these are not that they predicted the future, but the future copied an idea from the past and made it happen.
Kevin Ochoa
Also Biggie Smalls said in his 1994 song \
Leos videos
also back to the future 1 perdition of 9/11
Lilen The GameCat
Wow what a garbage list, 99% of this list is coincidental or a HUGE stretch
Lord Mamba
I stopped at No. 3 because this video was getting ridiculous.
Luke Banks
So neos passport has 9 /11 in , in what way does that confirm the events of 9/11 , such thick human beings . read books , not you tube videos . Jesus
I predict that America will be in a civil war next year.
Makchu Cook
Change \
A lot of Hollyweird movies are underlined truth in the foreseen future!!
Mary Clay
these movies DONT predict the future. how stupid
This Truman \nmovie also comes across as a flat earth theory
Demolition Man (1993) where the world is run by regressive left wing nut job laws and social justice warrior micro aggressions and trigger warnings.
The worst part of seeing this video? Not the exaggerated connections. Not the judgment calls proclaiming Snowden a hero and Anonymous as threats. Not even the blatant misinformation about Clinton's mystical impeachment. Not even the 8 minutes of my life I'll never get back.\n\nThe fact that from this point on, Youtube will say \
3D Cinema has been around for a very long time and existed well before Back to the Future II. So not really a prediction there. And just to prove the point, one of Biff's friends in the first Back to the Future film, set in the 1950s, wore a pair of 3D glasses in every scene he was in.
NPC 33331
Alltime10s are some desperate Propaganda based hypebeast. Don't support this channel, its biased click bate
That was great!
I predicted this video would come out.
Back to the future also predicts 9/11
Pastor Abet Torcuator
Patrick Snede
This should be linked to the vsauce video \
Terminator: Skynet -it is already happening in the US with the militarization of their police. Soon, there'll be drones all over the place. Especially with that maverick Trump now in power. Sooooo depressing and quite scary too...
R Keve
If its any consolation to the Mario Bros actors, that was like my FAV movie as a kid!
Rafal Z
Those are far-fetched predictions.
Revize Ecoh
I'm supposed why they didn't mention how back to the future also predicted 9/11.there is a lot of great evidence leading to the movie predicting 9/11
Ridhuan Abu Bakar
Network (1976) was the 1st movie that predicted reality tv and one more interesting fact was there was a conversation whrre they said \
Russ Wright
The Truman show didn't predict reality TV. The real world was already on the air when that movie came out. The movie that predicted (or book rather) reality shows was The Running Man with Arnold Schwarzenegger, based on a book by Stephen King. This video sucked.
Shadow Ninja
the matrix one is wrong I mean that is a quencidents (idc that I misspelled it) in the real world that takes place in 2199 you can see a more futuristic twin towers
TB12 Nation
Also Back To The Future is about to predict the Cubs winning the World Series
This is not predicting the future. This is predictive programming of the masses by people who know what future THEY want to bring about. This conditions the masses to accept things that they have subconsciously accepted as 'not out of the realm of plausibility' this reduces our need to question things and resist unwanted change that benifits the elite.
The Elf
Absolute favorite,yes and no,summer in Siam 😂🤣
Hollywood movies dont predict the future, they prepare the public for a plan already being put in place.
Toure Evelyn
Funny how no one wants to mention the famed modded 2005 Red and Black Mustang in the background as Marty rides the Hoverboard. 7:22
VUF Berlick
What happened to 9/11 and Back to the Future III ???
Predictions? More like random coincidences. This was extremely asinine.
Back to the future is next week!!
Warren Van Niekerk
Its not prediction, it's manipulation. iRobot will come true very soon.
Will Shaw
Yevgeniy B
I'm pretty sure reality shows existed when the Truman Show came out. I remember how crazy my sister was about The Real World around that time.
You found Super Mario and The Matrix for 9/11 but you totally forgot the Lone Gunman...
Zena Matoussi
an bo
All this is by design btw
This is no secret to mystics and theoretically scientists. It's part of the Hermetic Laws. Power of Suggestion is extremely powerful indeed. For instance, I see tons of commericals for some kind of psorisis drug on youtube. It's strange because I didn't think many people had psorisis. In fact, as a massage therapist, I can tell you that they dont. But give it 5 years and we will see a major increase in psorisis.
good selection but... THE EFFECT IN THE SIDES IS SO ANNOYING! Icouldn´t watch this properly :(
I'd say some of it self fulfilling prophecies
elcucuy feo
The internet will lose it's shit if the Cubs win the World Series this year! xD
I CALL B.S.! Anonymous is NOT a threat, but the people they expose and attack ARE!!! Pure propaganda. Screw this channel.
back to the future 2 also predicted 911
Why the hell would you put two rapidly moving film strip things on the sides of your video. +1 for content, -300 for fails.
Modern reality TV started with the real world in 1992. Earlier if we count some Dutch shows. Well before the truman show.
This list makes no sense what-so-ever
10:\nWell that is not really accurate. First big brother was air in 1997, and truman show was made in 1998. There was actually a few other movies prior to the truman show about reality TV. Also, big Brother was not the first reality TV program, but it was one of the more complex once\n\n9:\nThis is also really false. Well cyber war fare do exist. But its more about cyber propaganda. The military system is for the most part seperate systems and the scenario that is in war games is generally not possible. Most of the hacking is on civilian servers linked to military complex.... Like web servers.\n\n6: There was some prior knolage of the sex scandal prior to 1998. Its quite possible that the movie makers know aboutit,or had heard rumors about it... The sex scandal hapend in 1995, and the movie was relisedin 1997.\n\n4: The movie enemy of the state is really quite overexacuadet. But the movie didn´t really predict anything. It was quite well known at that time that NSA did things they didn´t suppose to.\n\n1; \nWell.. flat screen TV... The first LCD TV was relised back in 1984. This was actually prior to the making of the movies. Also, Back projection TV was resonable common when the movie was made. Actually most of the flat screen TV in the movies are actually contemporary back projection TV:s\nVideo calls have existed since the 60-tys. Back in 60 and early 70 there was quite a array of video call equipment. The reason was that the telephone system was 100% analogue, so you could basically send anything, so video calling was quite easialy made.... but really expensive. When in late 70-tys the phone network was digitized this was not longer possible.\n\nIn early 80-tys phone companies relized that they have to use video compression to make video call. This spawned the motion picture expert group (MPEG). But the compression was not sufficient and the electrons was way to expensive. So three new projects was started simultaneous. Mpeg 2, 3 and 4. Mpeg 2 for TV and DVD, Mpeg 3 for HD TV and MPEG 4 for phone. This was set up in 1988, a year before the movie. With quite specific information of what the gold was. I would say that the people made back to the future probably read the documents because the movie basically shows of what it in it.\n\nLater Mpeg 3 was canceled and mpeg 4 was delayed.\n\n3D films. This is just a stupid statement. Look at Back to the future 1... what does the nerd in the gang have... 3D glases... from the 1950:s.\n\nHollywood's obsession with squeals. This is actually more of a contemporary observation. Jaws 3D was relised in 1983 and jaws the revange was relised in 1987. After that the series was more rebooted.
maxime morin
Anonymous are not a national threath... they are a threath to the establishment only.
You fogot about me......
mike carr
In the 70s think it was 73, there was a reality tv series called An American family which followed the life of the Loud family and then revisited them in the 80s 10 years on. An American Family revisited. So that throws out The Trueman Show \
nick hayes
these are not predictions...
olli tuovinen
9/11 was a Mossad operation with help from the US government.
paul williams
oh it, BtoF 2 also predicted cubs winning the world series , it was just 1 year off
sam smith
Blade Runner, shows a run down 2019 homeless LA, they got it right.
sean cudd
there were already reality shows before the movie the Truman show came out like mtv's the real world
Imagine that whatever major event happens within the next 50 years, whether it's war or suspicious attacks. There will be someone who finds a similarity in film. And I'm all for it. It's fascinating the amount of work and research people put in to finding this sort of connection. Being coincidence or a far deeper, darker story which will never see the light of day, it is interesting.\nCheers to the next 50 years!
The Running Man should become a reality and all Terrorists and Pedophiles should star in it.
xxxtenta cion
This will be added in few years 'Xxxtentacion- sad' x predicted his own death in his last music video
zajebi sistem
clinton attacks serbia not afganistan