Minecraft: You Have 9 Seconds To Reach The Button

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Slowly working my way to the rank of parkour god.Reflections ► Thanks for watching, dudes! Ratings, favorites, and general feedback is always appreciated :)

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2nd Gen
First person to comment on this is gao
Actual Trash
Level 5:\nJordan- I see, I see\n \nPun intended?\nBecause I see sounds like icy and the map is ice?\nOk I'll leave now
in the end it says spectater
I grabbed my remote, pressed to the off button, all under 3 seconds, damn I'm good at this.
Apollo Games
Play less minecraft
Arshaaa Arsic
suh dude
Ashlee Bee
No one even comments on the video anymore. It's all like \
What's a hippos favourite kind of music? \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nHip-hop
Billy and Jimmy tv
Hi captainsparklz I just wanted say that I came home sick today from school and the first thing I think of was to watch your videos they always brighten my day and I want to thank you for making your amazing videos keep up the good work 😊
BlackPanther Ninu
I look down for 5 seconds and I hear Jordan saying \
JARDON! where is hunger games at? i miss it xD
Bob kdjd
Jordan should make an intro because the start is a bit boring. He is good at making music so he can just use some animations to go along with it. LIKE IF YOU AGREE
So funny!😂
Sahh Dude
I recommend this! Luv u spookles
CandleYT Gaming
Early much m8
6:40 this will go in the animation for sure
2 views 5 comments? Update faster phone golly
Chuck Berry
Is it possible to get just 3 likes?
Convoluted Films
I don't know how many people know this, but prismarine has an animated texture. When the sign said \
Creative Name
Anyone else hate it when people edit their comments!
You have 9 seconds to do the intro, Jordan.. And you failed.
5:55 Icy, icy
Derek Daughtrey
at 0:19 you can see that they spelled pressure like a 5 grader
Dexter The Wolf
This is Terry: 🐶\n\nTerry has no friends.\n\n1like = 1 friend
E Rhodes
Over 700 views in one minute... I envy the celebrity life.
Eduard Dalgeanu
how to troll someone\n\n\nRead More
Emma Kovalic
let this comment get lost in the comment section....
Who wants to play roblox?
Flash Flame1423
hey sparkles you make cool videos
Frost Fire
It says 1 view 24 likes wth
Gabriel Gabriel
I really with there were a death counter
Ganaram Inukshuk
RIP in pieces SoCal's sunny disposition. Stop raining on Jardon's parade, weather.
Gold Slinger
The last time I was this early, I was a developing fetus...
what we need is an instant reply to show whether or not he made it
Ian Morse
Those reactions do
Imani Struchins
I'm super new to his channel but why is he not getting love!!!! All his effort isn't getting the shine it deserves...
Itamar Kapach
9:47 when you bust a nut but she keep suckin
James Serediuk
Early... \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nYay
Jasmine Rice
Kevin Extension/Animation 257
Who thinks the Theodd1sout is watching this video heck he might read this comment right now hey Theodd1sout your video is awesome \nPs tell the animators squad hi\nI just edit this and how long Theodd1sout is going to find my comment
Kumail S.
If only steve had mario physics to run across 1-block gaps😂
Landan Bassil
Captainsparklez I thank you for every time I come home from a rough day at school I can always rely on you to make my day!\nKeep up the good work!
Laurel Acres
When r we gonna see the car paint job
LeopardSlowpoke - LPSP Music
Jordan if you don't think to much when park outing you can go faster
Lil Snap
feht fnoqe moh apisfno aw hcfec(read upside down) ;)
Lil’ Clarky
NOOO! na na na na na na na na na na No you did NOT just do DAT
captain sparklez! it's so nice to hear your voice again ~ i love watching your videos because of it too^^ 화이팅!
Mal M
What happened to Jordan 2020 campaign? Also, your competitor is Trump.
That is a jacket, not a sweater....
NBA District
5:55. Pun and he didn't even notice. Icy icy.
Noah Wattel
YOU WORTHLESS SACK OF CRAP!\n-Jordan maron\n-06-02-2017
I don't understand why you need to add the red arrow and red circle.
Hello notifications squad u here?
Park_ Jimbles
It's like 50 degrees in LA and Jordan is freezing while it's 50 here in Ohio and I'm warm compared to the 20 we had yesterday.
Pig Mage
It took Jordan 9 seconds to rage
Randy Elliott
Who's watching in 2017?
Ray Vun
jordan rushes to finish in under 9 seconds 😉 😉 😉 😉
Rita Riedstra
5:55 Jordan lol\n\nI see I see\n\n\nIcy\nmade a pun and didn't even realize
First time I've watched CaptainSparklez in a while XD\nMaybe a year or two?\nGreat video!
Sarah G
I love the video Jordan!
Sean Wilson
Have you ever played Super Hexagon, Jardon?\nI think you'd love it... ;)
Was the staring at the wall thing just a joke or did it do anything in the map?
Skye Shoe.
Heh. This reminds me of the times I played the Geometry dash Map, or Wynncraft as an assassin before I reached level 50 for the jump boost... XD\nAnyone else find the old animal dungeon easy after a couple million fails? :P
Does jordan not know you can press ctrl to sprint instead of double tapping? If he did that he would do these so easily ffs
Subhan Arif
I bet Jardon won't pin this
The Adamant
Nostalgia flashback to Sethbling's 15 seconds
Toby Tomlinson
I would love to see this animated
5:55 \
05:55 Ice-ee
Ty Stevenson
Tᴏɴʏ Tσиу Cнopper
Un-Popular Opinions
Chilly hands? Try living in the north.\nChilly is nothing XD
I can't wait for the animation to this video lol.
Happy birthday in 4 days Jordan😎
Pause the Video and PRESS ON THIS\n-------\u003e 4:15\nOnce done with that, Admire the Beauty of Jordan's Face. 😋😜\n#spookalz #spookalzsucksatparkor #lol #pausefeature
Vincent Walker
5:55 \
Wash Mcdoo
What up notification squad
Willy's Toys
woohoo 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎
Xaniji 잔지
notification squad where you at?
Yato God
Beautiful 480p
Didn't know we were doing a Katie perry map :D
bad karma
3:21 \
da Cornchipe
These are the maps for parkour school
I never get likes :(
I'm early let me make. Joke\n\n\n\n\nTop 10 Videos
olliegaming 123
Hi people I'm form the past because if and when you read it will have been up for at least a second
registered penguin
knock knock\nho is there\ndaisy\ndaisy ho\ndaisy me rolling\n\n\npls like
Jfc the creator went really over the top of difficulty level in this one, nice job on making an enjoyable map
why do you still double tap w? you should use a sprint key. like so he sees.
umnasser x
oh my geddness\n\ncaptiansparklez ~ 2017 5:27
yes no
the hanging wood... who else has a dirty mind?
Łemon Ârizona
What the crap Spooklez!!! I was watching mianite mianite and you have to upload an awesome video again?!?!