Showtek Moby - Natural Blues [Official Lyric Video]

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2-dutch Progressive House dance edm electro electro House electronic dance music progressive showtek

Aditya Amin
We want hardstyle😏
Aimin_ Wouter_Janssen
No matter what showtek produce.. i'm 💯 supporting them .. 👌
Akshay K
Saw like on every comments please like
Alex Chinery
Should of called this Rock Bottom, as in surely cant get any worse for the Dj's who brought us FTS.
Alien Unicorn Kitty91
no... why Moby?!
Alina Rusu
This song is very nice.I love the bit and the mix of the song is very good for a party ,or club and anyway also on home ✌✌✌
Andre Core
Gj from Gods of Hardstyle to this scrubmania stuff... stop blame yourself and produce some new tracks for upcoming qlimax.
Aris S
You can't go wrong with Showtek🔥
Arvizas TIPSLT2 - Reviews, Gameplay & Vlogs
Best Moby Remix 2018!!!
Ayush Kumar
I'm diggin' this
I like this new kind of 90s style combined with edm
Even though you returned to Hardstyle, Showtek dropped yet another banger to kick off 2018! Fuckin' awesome job guys. That gem brought me memories! 🔥
Camito Hatsune 2
I'll remember this 10 years from now
My car was blown to pieces hearing this song...
Dante Alighieri
I feel like a weirdo
Dave Svítil
Eh? Where is old good times :(((((
Davis Weiler
Finally! Bring us more! But some Hardstyle would be great too😉
Best song i've ever heared
Durval Soranz
Really good track, but I still want the old hardstyle
But why you guys don't release something like \
lol all ur tracks have sounded the same since you quit hardstyle XD R.I.P you will never be as great here as you were in hardstyle.\nthis song is decent, better than many of ur new songs but never as great as when u dominated hardstyle.. but if u are happy thats cool
Franco Cisternas
Marshmello remix.. 😉
Fåbiø 7
Gabriel Anjos
Fucking awesome
Gauthier - Le Plus De Google Plus
I Love it \u003c3
Green Ball
A collab with Moby is huge
Love this song.
Hasby Riduan
Love it
Hitwinz Brothers
Iron Ecki
this song should have millions of views
Is ad Wahyu Syahlendri
Whatever the genre showtek always meke it NICE
Isak Gamling
WHERE IS THE HARDSTYLE?????? I only like this because it's Showtek and I like Showteks Hardstyle
Jamie Batitang
Love you showtek just saw you last Jan 17. And you both rock my life, the stage and the whole club 😍 hope to see more of you 🤗
Jarno Fortuin
name original song?
Jesus Salvador
Moby is still alive? LOL
Joel Mayorga
Where is the hardstyle kick?
Jose Antonio
Here before 1k views
Juan Carlos :v
Great music showtek \\o/
Julian Smit
How has this not blown up yet!! Such a hit
this needed more views
We need more
LIVEst - Live from ESTONIA
Massive re-work! 👍👍👍👍
Leiner Mora Chavarría
Tal vez este sea el año que lancen la colaboración junto a Shermanology.
Linko 00
Future House yessssssssss \u003c3
Louisa van den Brink
Hoe laat is het?
Respect from indonesia.😁😁
MHG pro
La musique est juste trop bien
Love this 😋
Majestic Sharx
Im sure that Showtek knows that we all want them back into the harderstylez BUT it looks like they wont do that.Respect that....
Marlon Sanchez
Puede que Showtek tenga serios cambios en cuanto genero, pero admitamoslo\n\nSea cual sea hace un bien trabajo, se esfuerza y le sale todo bien\n\nHay mucha diferencia entre otros productores de EDM que repiten y repiten lo mismo\n\nEn este caso Showtek hace una gran diferencia, Vemos que siempre esta arriba de los demás\n\n:3
Marvel123456 Valverde
good music!!!! you are the best showtek!!!!
Matteo Campagnoli
It’s amazing what a track !!!It’s a very fucking good remix !Good job
Michael Goossen
This song is AMAZING!
*Just Love this song 😍😍*
Music Sakkar
This vintage style, is so good!\nGreat job Showtek
Neredeyse Uzun Adam
Don't know showtek on hexagon label
Tomorrowland 2018 ;)
Pratyush Padmanabhan
I can see the flavour Moby lends to this :D sounds dope!
Pyro Jaeger
It sounded old but gold. Turns out it is fairly new
Rowan nlgaming
Ryan Craig
please just make some hardstyle man, this is not the proper showtek
Respect from Georgia 👍🏼☝🏻😊
Saalement Nwaar
I have never hear a music like that !!!\nSo GOOD from France ;D
Sabino Choque
Excellent track!
Sandro Valentini
This is a pretty nice remix of a song belonging to one of the best albums in the history of music. Back 20 years ago, when I was young, didn't like house music except \
Sarah Ray
this is sooo good
Sergio Solis
Finally a song of Showtek in The 2018
Simon James
Still waiting for Listen To Your Mama and I hope you guys release it soon or at least this year but I did really enjoy this and great job Showtek and Moby.
Snakesters of tomorrow
The wait is over for this huge party bomb💣💥
is this copyright free
The Rolling Bear
After weeks of searching too this song i found it.. thanks Shazam
Tim Bouwhuis
Best music number
Topias Kähkönen
A-Lapset comfirmed
Valiant N
whoever made this video was def on lsd lol
Vladimir Timonenko
Very Good music )))
Work Mexican Work
Hoe laat is het? Het is nu 17:00
albert Van den Berg
This is not really my style, but i'll give IT a try as chill music
moviclip like e-rotic 90's style :)
evan pierce
Cbum showed this to me;)
At first I was a bit iffy about this track but the more I listen to it the more I love it, showtek know how to get you dancing the drop is great!!!
fedrick hodgson
What an amazing song... of course should produce hardstyle but that no makes this song a bad one
kk eae men
Future House♥
I miss the old Showtek. The showtek that produced amazing hardstyle ❤️
tin eugen pavse mandic
One of my favourites in last 6 months! Keep it up!
uberjespergames m
best song dit a ever hear chicken skin :p
we need another track with Sonny Wilson 🙏🙏
zuuupn haha
Huge hit ! Goodjob
Ákos Téglási
Cool track!😇🙌
Павел Ким
I hope that next music will be \
あ あ
I like showtek. 🇯🇵
I want you to come back in Japan again!I have been looking forward to seeing you again!
future house!