Terminator Theme - Metal Cover by Shinray

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A metal cover of the great Terminator Theme using both versions, from Terminator 1 and it's infamous 13/16 signature (for our musician friends) and Terminator 2 and it's classic rythmic pattern.Having been beaten by Sonic in our previous cover (), Benoit Serraillier and Benjamin DupréVideo editing and animation by Benoit SerraillierMixing and mastering by Matthieu Budin and Benjamin Dupré at Octavox StudioSpecial thanks to our friends Nicolas Jouanneaux (starring as The Terminator), Alex Adji-Anastasiou (who helped us once again with the shooting), to our "victims" Gregoire Jouanneaux and Hugo Merabti, former members of the band, and to Baptiste Spinella for lending us this magnificent shotgun!

Cover Heavy Metal (Musical Genre) Metal Octavox Studio Shinray Terminator Terminator (Film Character) Terminator 2: Judgm... Theme Music (Musical Genre)

Abhishek Angira
Adrian Chiang
Please do a cover of Doom e1m1 game... :)
Akümi Irako
Wow O.o C'est génial ! Sérieux ça pounze !
Alessandro Porcelli
Amazing cover, love it!
BiilyButt Cheeks
awesome as always..u guys rock \\m/
0:20 CaTerminator XD
better than genisys/
Sorry guys. This theme is all about keyboards! Good job though.
Daniel Rutz
Face-melting! But I want to buy it and the page is just under construction :-(
E-1000 advanced proto-chad
This fried my cpu.
Most of the other covers are too metal, which is why I liked this one. I'd like to hear one with the lead guitar down and complimented with a rougher synth. Really just 150 to 208, you could add another minute onto the song with a synth and guitar battle.
Fab E.O.
Dude, your covers are so awesome! Instasubscribed.
Francisco Carvalho
maaaaaaaaan...the best! Congrats guys! Amazing!
Harry Parkinson
so much more epic than anything
Joey Dark Lodge
Vous êtes français en plus ?
St Martin of the Heres ? Haha, ça sonne toujours mieux que Bridge of Claix par exemple. :D\nJoli cover et clip, j'aime beaucoup !
What is this chorus? 7/6 time? My brain is breaking! 😜
1:43 synth \u003c3 .. perfect. From that synth goodness into an amazing guitar solo with meaty drums and bass under. Nice!
Manfred Veber
Trente huitttttttttttt\n\n\n(Ça tue !)
Mega Unit
2:27 10/10
Ребята, вы молодцы! Ставлю лайк. Удачи вам в вашем творчестве!
j'aime bien comment vous montez vos vidéo ( en plus de la cover) chers messieurs !!
Totally subscribed...you should look up this band's cover of Queen's 'Mustapha' they are superb
Oscar Pizarro
Nice Metal covers... all of them!!! Get my sub!
Planetary Nebulae
You did a cool job of the music video.
This needs more views
Ragnar_SECULARIS - Viking_Sith_Lord
Remi Martin
*ca vas chier !*
Rodrigo Machado
WOW!!!!! amazing
Sean Davies
It's so refreshing to hear a cover of the first Terminator theme, this kicks Terminator 2 themes ass!
1 year later, I had to come back for some motivational music as I compose a video. THANKS AGAIN!
X Diminishar X
I've honestly come back every day since listening to this. Gives me chills everytime!
lol the shotgun was ready for him to pickup
This is damn near perfect! :O
ca envoi excellent :D
please a killer instinct Cover!! :D
dragoball z,gt.super
Jaja y el gato que onda😂
A little bit FearFactorish ;)
Thank you for powering through that 13/16. It's important.
joey bagnato
do these guys have an album out if so I want it
laquanda schwartzenegger
The T-001 beard trimmer by cyberdyne systems inc.
awesome !! mortel !!
Great production. Love the energy all you guys put into the tunes. Drums keyboard guitar bass...
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