Ethan Casner - Terminator Theme 2017 (Metal Version)

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It's long overdue.I've been telling folks that "I'm doing a 2017 version of my previous Terminator Theme" for what, four years now? Nothing in life ever seems to play out the way you expected it to, does it?I want to thank everyone who has supported me through these years through the ups and downs. The comments on these videos kept me going many times and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated it.I spent a good deal of time figuring out how i wanted to do this version but in the end, just scrapped 90% of the extra shit and said fuck it. Honestly, there are ten billion "Terminator Covers" on youtube already by dudes spamming the guitar up and down the fretboard and while this is impressive from a skill-wise point of view, it murders the original beauty of the score. This theme wasn't meant to have fifty billion notes in it, so that's not what i ended up with. I hope you enjoy it.No matter what you're doing with your life; Where you are; Where you're trying to get to - Remember...A terminator would never stop.

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Thums up! ♥
Aeris Ceja Rivas
Thank you ethan casner.. never stop... always be a terminator
Alex McClain
Love the dual harmonies and the bridge to the spoken word part. Best cover I've heard yet.
Ben -
I wish I could like this more then once.
Captain Morisfien
You terminator themes give me the chills they are beautiful amazing breath taking perfect! make more pleaseeeeeeeeeeee
This is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! Thank you Ethan! 🤘😁👍
Davide La Leggia
Drew Shadows
This is definitely an awesome cover of The Terminator series, it sounds heavy and Sarah Connor's awesome speech about the Terminator is just epic as hell.
Filip Vujovic
Dude, you're a monster. I don't know what to say, but, I hope you'll always be back. :D
From Depths
Dude. Please let me get the drum midi from this? I would love to try my hand at this
G-MAC Johnson
What a badass cover
Gabriel Bendinelli
Emotional and Punchy as original, Good Work\nHasta la vista, baby!
Gabriel Hill
Whoa...this sounds like it's in an arena.
Ethan The Terminator doesn’t feel pity, remorse, fear and will absolutely not stop! EVER!!!! Until you release this cover! Your mission is complete soldier! The war is over! If you read this, you were the resistance!
Ippiki Õkami
Listen to the beat... \
Jeffrey Toale
What happened to Divergence?
KG Graham
The power of music
sounds really good man
Kentucky Dragon
This cover is beast as fuck dood.\n\nKeep up the good work! :)
Mobius 176
The best remix you have made!!! THANK YOU!!!!!
Orca Brigade
It's really nice, but I can't tell if it's youtube that is downsizing the quality which is adding a bit too much muddy reverb or not. But on the whole this is one of the best metal covers I have found thus far, and there are... quite a few of them to say the very least.\n\nLike it has all the smoothness it could ever need, punch that could make you feel like you kissed an out of control freight train, power that makes your gut fucking wrench in glorious agony whilst you... not just bang your head, no. But thrash your entire body to this being played as loud as you can. And the only thing I can't seem to LOVE about this mix is what I stated above. Fuck this is nice though.
Paul Graham
It is both uplifting and dark at the same time! the song is meant to be simple - stark, and you kept that vision and tone.\n\nLOVE!
I listen to your terminator remakes when I play Terminator Role Play and it always heightens the immersion for me. Please make more
Sergio Lopez
This is rhe best i have herad love this theme song one of the best to play in metal keep it up great work on it
Ethan this is absolutely perfect dude, just blown away. Been listening to this on a loop for hours. I'm building a T-800 skull in a video and would be stoked if you let me use this...will give you full credit in video/description/links. Let me know keep up the great work!
Sumire Kotaniyama
I love this version along with the previous iterations you've done. :)
TheSupremePlayer Tell'sYou!!!
Wow this is amazing stuff! ! Love the terminator theme. .especially this one! So good!!
Shit... Hard to tell how many bloody times this tune kept me going, despite the odds. Thanks, Ethan. I owe you.
You just never stop surprising me! I'm gonna be listening to this before my college football games from now on!
Zol Galon
Nailed it.
easy now
hunter clark
jesse gonzalez
This is hands-down the best version of this I've ever found. Thank you
Try Predator theme too.
sürünecek adam
This is pretty special. I'm happy to find it. :)\n\nmay I ask your guitar model?
Awesome. Best out there. Well worth the wait
Having heard lots of versions, this one is the BEST, hands down!
Галин Комитов