Queen - Live at LIVE AID 1985/07/13 [Best Version]

This is the absolute ULTIMATE experience of Queen's set at LIVE AID, this is the best video mixed to the absolutely superior stereo radio broadcast. This vastly superior audio mix takes a huge dump on all of the official mixes. Best viewed in 1080p. ENJOY! ***MAKE SURE TO READ THE DESCRIPTION*** - Is This The World We Created...?Short song analysis:- "Bohemian Rhapsody": Although it's a short medley version, it's one of the best performances of the ballad section, with Freddie nailing the Bb4s with the correct studio phrasing (for the first time ever!).- "Radio Ga Ga": Although it's missing one chorus, this is one of - if not the best - the best versions ever, Freddie nails all the Bb4s and sounds very clean! Spike Edney's Roland Jupiter 8 also really shines through on this mix, compared to the DVD releases!- "Audience Improv": A great improv, Freddie sounds strong and confident. You gotta love when he sustains that A4 for 4 seconds!- "Hammer To Fall": Despite missing a verse and a chorus, it's a strong version (possibly the best ever). Freddie sings the song amazingly, and even ad-libs a C#5 and a C5! Also notice how heavy Brian's guitar sounds compared to the thin DVD mixes - it roars!- "Crazy Little Thing Called Love": A great version, the crowd loves the song, the jam is great as well! Only downside to this is the slight feedback issues.- "We Will Rock You": Although cut down to the 1st verse and chorus, Freddie sounds strong. He nails the A4, and the solo from Dr. May is brilliant!- "We Are the Champions": Perhaps the high-light of the performance - Freddie is very daring on this version, he sustains the pre-chorus Bb4s, nails the 1st C5, belts great A4s, but most importantly: He nails the chorus Bb4s, in all 3 choruses! This is the only time he has ever done so! It has to be said though, the last one sounds a bit rough, but that's a side effect of belting high notes for the past 18 minutes, with nodules AND laryngitis!- "Is This The World We Created... ?": Freddie and Brian perform a beautiful version of this, and it is one of the best versions ever. It's both sad and hilarious that a couple of BBC engineers are talking over the song, one of them being completely oblivious of the fact that he is interrupting the performance, on live television... Which was being televised to almost 2 billion homes.All rights go to their respective owners!-----Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use

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10Tacles works
I cried like a baby watching this scene in movie... so emotional...
2504 Ysh
영화 연출 대박이네요 ... 관객은 물론이고 앞에 기자들, 피아노에 올려져 있는 맥주랑 팹시까지.... 좋은 영화 한편 보고갑니다
Abel Velasco M.
Combinación de todo chingón! Viva Queen!
Alana Veltre
Alexander Metrusias
Just saw the film today, and I have to say, I was impressed. Just everything actor Rami Malek (Freddie) did while filming that part precisely resembled what really happened, in every detail possible!
Alexander Roman
La voz Mas Impresionante que escuchado mis Oídos. Que dios lo tenga en la Gloria...
Allison Lujan
What a time and place to be alive. Oh how envious i am of every single soul that was there to witness this performance
Ami Ami
Everyone could clap because no one was filming with his cellphone... RIP 80's
Angel David Tirado
Soy el único mexicano like si eres latino
Angela Laine
my dad used to play bohemian rhapsody from when i was young, so i've unconsciously memorized it, liked it, and always sung it whenever i go to karaoke (lol) my friends thought i'm literally crazy singing that all alone, 'coz no one knew that song. so now i feel sooo proud knowing them before the movie exist
Angelo Kaska
Wish I had a time machine and travel to 1985 to attend this concert!
Bagus Atmaja
Hello a iam from Indonesia i like
THE definition of having the audience \
Bushra Shaikh
Thanks to those cameraman, for which we can cherish this moment today!! Big thank you
Cancit Panton
Makes me want to watch the movie again. Freddie you bloody legend
Cassie OB
I grew up loving Queen. Freddie Murcury will always be one of the sexiest men that ever lived. I cried all day long the day he passed away. The music industry will never have another like him.
Claudia Lorena Ramirez
Cocina con Master Choof
Like si cocinas con la música de Queen como yo lo hago
Daniel Basilio
Anyone else comes here right after watching the movie?
Dreezo Draws
All the dislikes can frick frack off
Echa Stein
So powerful performance that I ever seen😱😱😱
Elizabeth Latorre
Am obsessed with Queen again
Ethan Jay Norman
8:27 That cameraman will always have a great story to tell.
Francis Kheekho
Who came here after watching bohemian rapsody?\nWow really beautiful movie right?
Freddie Mercury
Thank you for still remembering me.. \nMy dear fans.. I..I miss u all..all everyone too much...\nThanks so much..Thank u..                         - From your Fred in heaven...
Just look at him. \nHe played piano, guitar ,sing and still was a humble man with great personality...\nOne of the last true artist. \nMusic will never be the same without him. \nRespect.
Grimm Tv
the views boosted as soon as the movie came out, damnnn
Hank Hill
I'm here after watching the bohemian Rhapsody movie
I’ll never forget this, July 13th 1985, my 8th birthday. My father brought me down to JFK Stadiums parking lot and got to hear most of Live Aid Live. My father died 3 years later. This still sits as my favorite memory of all time.(yes I know this performance took place in London. However Live Aid was a concert that took place in 2 countries at the same time. Phil Collins actually performed in both on the same day. My memory takes place in the US portion as I’m from Philly)
Heidi Bodosa
Went to watch Bohemian Rapshody today, the theatre was filled with mostly older men and some of us kids ❤️. All singing in harmony when the songs kick in. Shivering with feels.
Hufflepuff 101
Someone: *gives me the remote to the smart tv* put what you want on\nMe:
Jasmany Sarango
Me he estado perdiendo de la música de Queen durante estos 18 años!!
Jenn Blue
Well, I feel bad for whoever had to go on next.
Joaquín Castillo
I've just seen Bohemiam Rhapsody. Such a great film! I really don't understand why the critics didn't like it, and I consider myself a harsh critic of film.\nAnd the Live Aid secuence was the best of the whole film. I must admit I shed some tears watching it. There were many reasons.\n1.I grew listening to Queen; my dad introduced me to their music when I was 12 and now I'm 23. One of my favorite bands. \n2. Queen's music is so marvelous, so beautiful and inspiring.\n3. While watching it I thought that there won't be another Queen concert and there won't be another Freddie Mercury. So, I imagined how it felt to be there that day.\nFreddie and Queen, thanks for giving us such beautiful music. \nAnd please! Give Malek that Oscar!\n\nEdit: Wow! Thanks for the support and comments. It's great to see Queen fans from all over the world getting together :D
Khenz Knight
After watching the movie i run to youtube to watch all his concert😂
Loan Lascaux
I was born at the wrong period :'(
Louis Alvigo
Goodbye Everybody, I Got to Go!
I just watched “Bohemian Rhapsody.” One of the best films in my life! A sea of \u200b\u200bemotions, Freddie was the greatest singer!
Ugh, I wish I could’ve attended one of their concerts :( RIP my love
Matt Spark
Time Stamps:\n00:36 - Bohemian Rhapsody\n02:42 - Radio Ga Ga\n06:53 - Ay Oh!\n07:34 - Hammer To Fall\n12:08 - Crazy Little Thing Called Love\n16:03 - We Will Rock You\n17:18 - We Are The Champions\n21:12 - Is This The World We Created...?
Mike Cane
Is it possible to watch this too many times? I think not!
I didn't see Live Aid at the stadium, but watched it on TV and heard it in the garden (I lived less than 2 miles from Wembley Stadium at the time). The following year I saw Queen live at Knebworth and it was probably the best concert I ever attended - when 'Radio Ga Ga' played I remember looking around and seeing a wave of hands flowing back from the stage as the sound reached each of us.\nI saw 'Bohemian Rhapsody' last night with my family and even as a 54 year old man I'm not ashamed to say I shed a few tears. All the performances of the actors were spot on, especially Rami Malek.
November 24th 1991, Already 27 years ago, Freddie Mercury has his own choir of angels in heaven, God save the Queen ! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Nina Diordieva
Звучит вживую как пластинка!!!! Никаких световых шоу ,вот что значит личность
Paolo Martin Rojas
que genial hubiera sido disfrutar de un concierto de freddy en vivo
Paul Fox
I was never a Queen fan but remember watching Live Aid on TV and thinking, \
Pet Shop Lily
I was there ( showing my age now ! ) and I'll tell you I will never forget it . The atmosphere was electric.
Piano BarTV
Despues de haber visto la pelicula no puedo parar de mirar videos y escuchar temas de Queen! Son indudablemente mejores que Beatles y Rolling!
I would charge into battle for this man
RMW Gamer
He will be rocking a way in heaven
Raphael Angelo Bumatay
*Who has a Queen Fever after watching the movie?* 🙋
Reis World
ok who came here after watching the movie ? Really spot on idc what the critics say . Love the movie and will be seeing it again this time with my kids :D
Rodrigo Salvo
dale un like si después de ir a ver la muy buena Película viniste en busca del vídeo?
SC Kim
영화상에서의 펩시가 대놓고 광고인줄 알고 좀 언짢았는데 진짜 있는 그대로의 설정이었구나..
I love how this movie introduced the greatness of queen to a whole new generation, and made the rest of us fall in love all over again.
Soft Kore
Sylvia Ortega
Just seen the movie last night with my daughter... Love love loved it!!! I wanna call everyone darling lol, started listening to them in grade school on 8 track, will always love Queen, Freddie Mercury gone too soon 😭
The 1flym
The Religion Defender
Best 24 minute's of my life. My childhood.....
Tj allan Guina
best concert ever no smartphones just enjoying the whole moment ..
Tych Much
I read how Freddie Mercury had four extra teeth in his mouth and although he had a complex about his smile, he wouldn't get his teeth fixed because he thought it would affect his singing ability and he put his voice before his looks. That made me love him more because I feel like he put his fans before his own personal humiliation not knowing that we loved him because of not in spite of. *CAN I GET A WITNESS!?!*
Universal Television Фильмы
Who is here after the premiere of the movie Bohemian Rhapsody?
Venson Huijink
What A legend
Wawa Mania
Who came here after watching Bohemian Rhapsody, Raise the thumbs up.
Zoeli True
He sent a kiss to his mom
a tama
arlee sheehan
R.I.P Freddie Mercury September 5th 1946-November 24th 1991
cсветлана зыкина
Как жаль , что мало жил , всего 45, но какой след оставил
I regret never seeing Queen with Freddie Mercury live. That man sure knew how to command an audience
this performance just gets better every time i watch it
kit_kat446 kit
The movie made the new generation know about queen more. Another one bites the dust I think was in just Dance 2018 and 94M views of live aid is amazing. When I looked uped the best rock band concert showed the live aid preformance. And I think I have a problem I have been listening to queen all day and singing it in my head in class. I have watched bohemian rapsodey in the movie theater 3 times.
Rami Malek must have watched this video like gazillion times to get his movements right.
lost one
Watched the movie last night. It was a very good movie but so very sad. Not because of what happened to Freddie but because of what has become of this world. The world united for a cause to make it a better place, today its nothing like that. We are so full of hatred and disgust of each other. Why
lovely lovely
와 진짜 영화에서 정말 그대로 재연했네ㄷㄷㄷ
syno kim
이영상을 보니 영화에서 너무 똑같이 연출을했네요👍연기자들 춤선 그 디테일과 영상의 구도까지 하나도 빠짐없이 너무똑같아서 놀랐어요!!!
This is fucking the best performance ever.
t k
the Pink Kitty
Btw Freddie didn't know he has AIDS until two years (1987) after this performance (1985) and didn't tell his band mates until four years later (1989)
Владимир Конистеров
Ставь лайк, если тоже смотришь этот концерт после кинотеатра :D
Елена Владимировна
Фредди, мы тебя любим и будем помнить всегда. Ты лучший!
Никита Самгин
Легендарные легенды легендарны
Роман Денисов
алина илларионова
Кто после Богемской Рапсодии?)))
1:29 He is kissing to his mom!
I’m Japanese I’m 25 years old \nI saw Bohemian Rhapsody today. I was very impressed. Many people also cried. Queen is a legendary band. This legend will be handed down forever. Thank you for the best performance! !
한국인 조용히 손...🤚
진심 영화 본 후 따라 에오하며 울면서 즐겼다 이 영상 감사합니다
리뷰형님: Movie Review Channel
보헤이만 랩소디 영화 보고 오신분들 손
모두모였다 tv
한국인 모여!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
프레디 다리 진짜 길다...기럭지 좀 봐...
아미 ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Clarissa
I am 17 years old, i heard some of his songs before but i never knew who was freddie mercury.\nToday my aunt invited me to the cinema to see Bohemian Rhapsody and i am so thankful.\nI have a big respect for this person. \nEven tho he isn't alive anymore sadly .. he is still a legend.\nMy dad told me alot of things about him, he was a good person!\nHe even gave me the courage to fight for my dreams and to never give up.\nThank you,Freddie Mercury! \nThank you,Queen! 💜
영화보고 이거 보는사람 손 들어라..
I'm crying and I know there are lots of people watching this are crying, too