Queen - Live at LIVE AID 1985/07/13 [Best Version]

This is the absolute ULTIMATE experience of Queen's set at LIVE AID, this is the best video mixed to the absolutely superior stereo radio broadcast. This vastly superior audio mix takes a huge dump on all of the official mixes. Best viewed in 1080p. ENJOY! ***MAKE SURE TO READ THE DESCRIPTION*** - Is This The World We Created...?Short song analysis:- "Bohemian Rhapsody": Although it's a short medley version, it's one of the best performances of the ballad section, with Freddie nailing the Bb4s with the correct studio phrasing (for the first time ever!).- "Radio Ga Ga": Although it's missing one chorus, this is one of - if not the best - the best versions ever, Freddie nails all the Bb4s and sounds very clean! Spike Edney's Roland Jupiter 8 also really shines through on this mix, compared to the DVD releases!- "Audience Improv": A great improv, Freddie sounds strong and confident. You gotta love when he sustains that A4 for 4 seconds!- "Hammer To Fall": Despite missing a verse and a chorus, it's a strong version (possibly the best ever). Freddie sings the song amazingly, and even ad-libs a C#5 and a C5! Also notice how heavy Brian's guitar sounds compared to the thin DVD mixes - it roars!- "Crazy Little Thing Called Love": A great version, the crowd loves the song, the jam is great as well! Only downside to this is the slight feedback issues.- "We Will Rock You": Although cut down to the 1st verse and chorus, Freddie sounds strong. He nails the A4, and the solo from Dr. May is brilliant!- "We Are the Champions": Perhaps the high-light of the performance - Freddie is very daring on this version, he sustains the pre-chorus Bb4s, nails the 1st C5, belts great A4s, but most importantly: He nails the chorus Bb4s, in all 3 choruses! This is the only time he has ever done so! It has to be said though, the last one sounds a bit rough, but that's a side effect of belting high notes for the past 18 minutes, with nodules AND laryngitis!- "Is This The World We Created... ?": Freddie and Brian perform a beautiful version of this, and it is one of the best versions ever. It's both sad and hilarious that a couple of BBC engineers are talking over the song, one of them being completely oblivious of the fact that he is interrupting the performance, on live television... Which was being televised to almost 2 billion homes.All rights go to their respective owners!-----Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use

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Фредди! Твои песни будут звучать всегда!
Adam Morris
Rami malek deserves an Oscar for his portrayal of freddie mercy absolutely brilliant
Adithya Harun Tular
06:53. God I love this.
Aditya Mishra
Bohemian Rhapsody the movie got every thing in the movie
Allison Lujan
What a time and place to be alive. Oh how envious i am of every single soul that was there to witness this performance
Andrea Di Pilato
I wanted to go to that concert with my family
Angelo Kaska
Wish I had a time machine and travel to 1985 to attend this concert!
Appreciate your Life
00:36 - Bohemian Rhapsody\r\n02:42 - Radio Ga Ga\r\n06:53 - Ay Oh!\r\n07:34 - Hammer To Fall\r\n12:08 - Crazy Little Thing Called Love\r\n16:03 - We Will Rock You\r\n17:18 - We Are The Champions\r\n21:12 - Is This The World We Created
AverageBaroque Joka
I thought this was what Freddie was saying \n7:26 \
THE definition of having the audience \
Branon Fontaine
Makes me appreciate this performance more knowing how much Freddie was suffering and feeling sick before they took the stage...what a true professional he was, they all were, truly incredible......
C Dot
And to think this might not have happened is criminal
would love to know the story of the cameramen and crew behind the scenes bet they have a tale to tell
Carlos Lorenzo
You know, when people die young and abruptly at the top of their carriers they tend to become icons and myths but man, I was fortunate to enjoy his music while he was alive and his power and uniqueness met every expectation, he was already the one and only voice of the decade and the king of live performances. Freddie left his soul on the stage for us to carry in our hearts forever.
I am so jealous of everyone who was at Live-Aid 😳
Cian Fox
Freddie you were my idol we miss you, but you will always be in our hearts! \n\n\nlove from space xx
Cora Gambino
The band, the legend, this is QUEEN!
Dana Bongard
No one will ever have his charisma and stage presences... ❣️
Daniel Loughins
Back after seeing Rami getting a Golden Globe which was well deserved 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Doge uwu
24 min with no ads. 👏 GG m8
Me imagino que con el estreno de la pelicula de QUEEN la vista de este video se a disparar, excelente musica, excelente legado musical
Efe Egemen
WARNING! This is (👎) not download button.
After watching the movie, I immediately searched this. It makes me sad that he's only 45 when he passed away. But I do admire him a lot. Such an amazing talent and a man with a heart. I'm happy of the bohemian rhapsody movie because it made me appreciate him more. Kudos to rema malik too! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Fairness Believer
There will NEVER EVER be such a Charismatic SINGER AS Freddie. Ever.
Gianni Imbrogno
I remember this performance ... I was there ... I remember the journey from Italy with my father... a dream ... I was 12 ... thank you Queen ... I started to love music and learn to play the piano.
Hawaii ASMR Nature Relaxation
2019 and the nostalgia never ends ♥
I’ll never forget this, July 13th 1985, my 8th birthday. My father brought me down to JFK Stadiums parking lot and got to hear most of Live Aid Live. My father died 3 years later. This still sits as my favorite memory of all time.(yes I know this performance took place in London. However Live Aid was a concert that took place in 2 countries at the same time. Phil Collins actually performed in both on the same day. My memory takes place in the US portion as I’m from Philly)
Icansee u
Who's gone here straight after watching the movie?
Iwan Lewis
19:29 - greatest moment in music history?
JJD 11 : 11 9
1:29 - Fun fact: The kiss you see Freddie blow to the Camera was actually aimed at his own mother, who he knew would be watching this show on the TV 🙌🏻....
Jazz C
Kudos to Rami Malek, the amazing cast and the brilliant production team for executing this performance so well in the movie. And for letting us feel like we were right there with Freddie. Here's hoping you get your well-deserved Oscar for telling his story.
Jenn Blue
Well, I feel bad for whoever had to go on next.
Jennifer Vaughan
I have HIV and survived AIDS. To know that Freddie was so hard working and professional right up until the end is astounding. I can’t imagine how he managed, it speaks so highly of his character. What an incredible human. ❤️
Jett Guzman
Just nominated for an Oscar in the Academy Awards this morning for best film, Bohemian Rhapsody!!!
Joaquín Castillo
I've just seen Bohemiam Rhapsody. Such a great film! I really don't understand why the critics didn't like it, and I consider myself a harsh critic of film.\nAnd the Live Aid secuence was the best of the whole film. I must admit I shed some tears watching it. There were many reasons.\n1.I grew listening to Queen; my dad introduced me to their music when I was 12 and now I'm 23. One of my favorite bands. \n2. Queen's music is so marvelous, so beautiful and inspiring.\n3. While watching it I thought that there won't be another Queen concert and there won't be another Freddie Mercury. So, I imagined how it felt to be there that day.\nFreddie and Queen, thanks for giving us such beautiful music. \nAnd please! Give Malek that Oscar!\n\nEdit: Wow! Thanks for the support and comments. It's great to see Queen fans from all over the world getting together :D
Katie Weatherson
I would do anything to go see this exact performance by Queen live. And thats sad cause i will never get to do my life dream😢😭
The video started at\n0:00\nThank me later
Lily's Spirit Friends
I was there ( showing my age now ! ) and I'll tell you I will never forget it . The atmosphere was electric.
Lis Verkade
Who can't wait till Bohemian Rhapsody comes on netfix to watch it every week
Luispe Carrero
Who is here after Bohemian Rhapsody movie ending? Btw, thank you for this master piece!! God save the Queen!!
That guy at 5:05 is just nonchalantly chilling 2 feet away from freddie giving the greatest performance ever.
Maia. G.
1:30 he blows a kiss to his mom who's watching him performing on TV :)))
I just watched “Bohemian Rhapsody.” One of the best films in my life! A sea of \u200b\u200bemotions, Freddie was the greatest singer!
Marcos Martinez
Mathieu.P.V. Kimpe
Farook is dead since a long time, but this music is eternal for generations. This is History of human kind at one of the most beautiful moments.
Mike Cane
Is it possible to watch this too many times? I think not!
My Harry
Freddie was also a very funny guy...he flirted outrageously with me and my friend when we suddenly realised the only other people in the bar having an afternoon drink at our hotel before the concert was the band Queen !! \nThat was 13 April, 1985, three months before the Live Aid concert during their “Works” tour. He was hilarious and generous; we were speechless, awkward, thrilled and overwhelmed all at once. The concert was epic and amazing and is etched in my mind.... and the words all make sense now :-)\nAnd the movie rocks like they did !!\nThank you Freddie xx
They will never ever be another Freddie Mercury ! He is greatly missed .
Who was here before the movie? ☝🏽
*Elvis* the first\n*Beatles* the second\n*Queen* the best
North East Rider
I was 11 when he died and I still remember the world stopping to pay respect to the greatest Showman of all time I can't see another artist having such crowd control and vocals like Freddie Mercury
They even put the Pepsi cups in the movie.
Patrick Dead Jørgensen
Can somebody please mention Brian Mays amazing live performance too?
Paula Mateos
I will be listening to this my whole life.
Penny Fletcher
There can be only One........................................
*Freddie we still love you!*
Ram Ubiadas
They said we are the Champions and they are right queen is the champions
Randy Plays
Not a single phone,\nJust people living in the moment
Raphael Angelo Bumatay
*Who has a Queen Fever after watching the movie?* 🙋
Realynn Tence
No one handles a mic better than Freddie
Reinhard Luntungan
Bohemian Rhapsody got nominated for Best Picture at Oscars!
Reis World
ok who came here after watching the movie ? Really spot on idc what the critics say . Love the movie and will be seeing it again this time with my kids :D
Rick Kinki
Rock & Roll was born in the 50s, grew up in the 60s, matured in the 70s, and hit its zenith on July 13, 1985, with Queen's performance at Live Aid.\n\nIt's been all downhill since then.
Ruben Garcia
Perfect way to end the movie
Sencer Bediz
Real music, real art, pure creativity right there and everyone there is admiring and enjoying the moment. No erotic exposure, no shallow lyrics, no cell phone lights in the audience...that was the time to live.
Sharon Royston
I saw Queen in 1976 Live.....best group ever !!! Still the best group ever in individual talents and group vibes!   Are you with me?
Simone Storolli
Brasil 2019, Queen Sempre!!! Maravilhoso, Extraordinário Freddie Mercury!!!! Cantava com o corpo e a alma!!!
I love everything about Freddie Murcury
Soft Kore
The 1flym
Tj allan Guina
best concert ever no smartphones just enjoying the whole moment ..
Tomas Bernardo
I can't stop listening Queen since I watched the movie! Queen is part of my life now!
Universal Television Фильмы
Who is here after the premiere of the movie Bohemian Rhapsody?
Valeria Ramirez
I got tears in my eyes, wow this man was incredible
Vanessa Nelissen
I cried when they showed this in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. We were allowed to sing, clap and stomp along, what made it surreal! Like I was there!\nWhen they played We are The Champions in that finale scene... WoW, just cried and cried. RIP Freddie. \nI saw a little boy, not older than 10 years old, in the cinema singing every song along... Touched my heart.
i dont want to be a rockstar, i want to be a Legend! - Freddie Mercury
Viorele Livingonmyown
The 24:37 minutes when a gay man ruled the planet ..
Waroon Boonlom
00:36 - Bohemian Rhapsody\r\n02:42 - Radio Ga Ga\r\n06:53 - Ay Oh!\r\n07:34 - Hammer To Fall\r\n12:08 - Crazy Little Thing Called Love\r\n16:03 - We Will Rock You\r\n17:18 - We Are The Champions\r\n21:12 - Is This The World We Created
Wawa Mania
Who came here after watching Bohemian Rhapsody, Raise the thumbs up.
the only reason I'm getting sad watching this is that I know there'll never be such legends again... 😔
Yajie Huang
They make people excited with their pure music and songs, their songs penetrate our hearts, Queen, I love you forever! Your spirit lives in this world forever!
Yoonho Jang
This is the main purpose of Youtube exist. Thanks
dave mcc
Chuck Norris has a Freddie Mercury poster on his bedroom wall.
T....T MJ and Freddie is the best
federico asenjo
25 minutes of history we love you Freddy
ik wil eventjes lekker dansen
Just take a second for those pepsi cups and beer
38k? dislike? LOL new generations don't know nothing about music
leo fernandez
terribly terrific beats
16:36 The crowd is so big that you can visibly see the sound waves!! Unreal
tj amer
Anyone still watching in 2019? 🖐🏽😄
Инна Хапова
Я в шоке ,сколько людей!И как Фредди держит зал!Талант,как жаль что так рано ушел❤
Тимур Норматов
We remember and love Freddie Mercury. He was, is and will be one of the best performers of songs
Ху Эсс
Вravo my life, QUEEN!
「ボヘミアン・ラプソディ」日本の興行収入100億円突破!おめでとう。このLive Aidと共に、私の中で忘れられない映画の一つになりました。 I Love Queen
He is very good...
I think he is very good guy...
한국인 조용히 손!
I'm crying and I know there are lots of people watching this are crying, too