Antonov An 225 Mriya in Perth and Prague Airport Cargo 117 Tonne Generator

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Antonov An 225 Mriya in Perth and Prague Airport Cargo 117 Tonne Generator World's Biggest Aircraft The best off Prague and PerthLanding at Prague 3 different camera views , Antonov AN 225 Mriya close look on plane at Prague Airport , Loading at factory, Loading 117 Tonne generator on Antonov AN 225 , Departure Take off from Prague Airport , Pert Airport arrival and landing , Pert departure to Dubai.Big thank's to Prague Airport and Pilsen that allow us to do nice footage.Perth as usual the typical Australian hospitality cold and unfriendly.... DissapointedMore information about the cargo:The Generator 117 Tonne is made at the factory of the company Brush SEM s.r.o Plzen Czech Republic, the transport was logistically supported by DB Schenker by special trucks. The distance from Plzen factory to Prague Airport is 98 km the transport was done on the 11.5.2016 overnight. The generator was ordered by Worsley Alumina, WA Australia member of BHP Billiton .Antonov AN 225 will take off on 12.5.2016 from Prague Airport to Perth. Should be in Perth on Sunday 10:00 am. Planned refueling stops: Turmenbashi, Hyperabad, Jakarta, Perth.Information about the Brush Sem s.r.o. Plzen Czech Republic:BRUSH SEM is a manufacturer of large generators for gas turbine and steam turbine drive applications, based at Plzeň in the Czech Republic.The site for BRUSH SEM was established in 1859, by Count Wallenstein-Vartenberk who set up a branch of his foundry and engineering works in Plzeň approximately 98 km south west of Prague in the Czech Republic.In 1869, the plant was taken over by Emil Škoda, an industrious engineer and dynamic entrepreneur who was quick to expand the business. In the 1880s, Škoda established what was then a very modern steelworks capable of delivering castings weighing dozens of tons. Steel castings and, later, forgings for larger passenger liners and warships went on to rank alongside the sugar mills as the top export branches of Škoda's factory. To date the BRUSH SEM works have manufactured over 1400 turbo generators and 250 hydro generators to many parts of the world including USA, Canada, Russia, China, India, Middle East, Central&East Europe, West Europe, Australia, Africa and South America and now Australia.Information about company that ordered 117 tonne generator:The Worsley Alumina Refinery is named after the historic timber settlement of Worsley, near Collie in the south west corner of Western Australia. The history of the project goes back to the early 1960s when a group of local entrepreneurs formed a firm to explore, develop and sell deposits of bauxite ore on the eastern side of the Darling Range, near Boddington.Antonov AN 225 Mriya Specification:General characteristicsCrew: 6Length: 84 m (275 ft 7 in)Wingspan: 88.4 m (290 ft 0 in)Height: 18.1 m (59 ft 5 in)Wing area: 905 m2 (9,740 sq ft)Aspect ratio: 8.6Empty weight: 285,000 kg (628,317 lb)Max takeoff weight: 640,000 kg (1,410,958 lb)Fuel capacity: 300,000 kgCargo hold – volume 1,300 m3 (46,000 cu ft), length 43.35m, width 6.4m, height 4.4mPowerplant: 6 × ZMKB Progress D-18 turbofans, 229.5 kN (51,600 lbf) thrust eachPerformance:Maximum speed: 850 km/h (528 mph; 459 kn)Cruising speed: 800 km/h (497 mph; 432 kn)Range: 15,400 km (9,569 mi; 8,315 nmi) with maximum fuel; range with 200 tonnes payload: 4,000 km (2,500 mi)Service ceiling: 11,000 m (36,089 ft)Wing loading: 662.9 kg/m2 (135.8 lb/sq ft)Thrust/weight: 0.234

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