THIS is how you run 9 SECONDS at the drag strip!!

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FINALLY this car should be good and ready to be as close to 9's as possible in the quarter mile!Music by: RowlanYOUTUBE: ----------------------------

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831vtc t2
Get a pickle fork yanking on that axle is no bueno
A bigPillow
I'd love to see that box do 9 seconds in a 1/4 mile.
Abel S550 GT
Make sure you get the tune calibrated for the 3.31 diff so speedo reads correctly! 👌👌 oh and you can cruise in 6th at 100mph and only be at 2500-2600 rpms lol i love my 3.31 rear end! 😁 and actually if you rev 4th gear to about 7600rpms you can stretch 4th gear to about 140+mph 5th gear 170+ at your power level
Love your car so much bro and love the fact that you’re doing all of this to it yourself! Keep up the work man !! Can’t wait to see it hit 9s!!
Alex Soto
Wow!!! 23 min video lol something new love it!
watched 5 full adds during whole video your welcome :)
Did you put the vent tube back on?
Ant Man
I just really respect you for working on your own car ! Great video
Avery Brown
you might consider picking up some bucket seats to drop off some of that excess weight
Eyyy sitting with that notification squad 🤙🏻
Daniels gonna regret that 😂
Blackout Gaming
You are going to replace that boot right? Would be a shame if there was all that grease slung around. Huge mess it makes. Other than that man, awesome build so far, keep it up
Brett Franks
Get this thing on a dyno for sure
Calvin Thomas
Better tools would make your life better
CamBreBet3 v
Love that you work on your own car and explain as you go . It really helps us that dont know how to do those things learn. Great video .
Cesar Sanchez
For a second I thought it was a nitrous oxide tank.
Cherokee Ronnie
Just for tips no hate you need to Learn how to pop axles out never pull them like that
Christopher Jette
Hey man keep up the good work. Btw you should look into the Milwaukee m18 and m12 cordless stuff. impacts with 1400 ft.lbs and ratchets. It would make your work alot easier
Comit Mods
i love you buddy i hope you have a great day
David Hernandez
23 mins 😂😂😂😂 you don’t have goonzquad quality
Dean Noland
Not only is it going to be faster, but you'll get better gas mileage.
Deshawn Typical
Loving your videos🔥🔥
Detective Blunt
This channel has inspired me to buy a 2011 mustang gt
Enmanuel Garcia
Race all you want just don’t blow the motor again😂
Install some brembos!!!
Ethan Pugh
*mild acceleration*
Eugene King'orhi
You forgot the tube that was connected to it
Fabian Fragoso
Did you put the vent tube back on to the diff?
Fuck Off
Where is the OG mustang intro?
Grandma's Malibu
What? No hatchet to remove the axles this time? Heh heh. That's still the thing I think about when I see a new vid pop up for your channel.
Great Debater
You need to invest in ratchet wrenches beats using a regular wrench
H&P Customs
He has a huge package he says, hehe.
Herb Vandenberg
Might be time to buy a tool chest.
It was like taking a kid to a candy shop during the last pull.
J Dev
Another great video, now let's start taking some weight out 😁
that axle clip gave me a good chuckle
Jack Alberts
Dude you continue to amaze me. Not only the quality of your content, but everything you’re doing comes out so well. I watch other popular car channels, but there’s just something different about yours. I drop any other channels to watch yours. The edits too are insane. Keep doing you man, can’t wait till you hit a million followers.
JagSTR Guy
Bruh the front of that Stang is sooo Aggressive
Dude put a carbon fiber driveshaft in it!!!
Javier Gonzalez
Impacts are your friends lol
Johnny Toad
Please make a playlist with all of the songs you use in these videos!!!
Jon Hines
How come you didn’t paint it to look nice and you put it rusty. I mean I know it’s under the car and you can’t see it but still
Jonny Holdiman
Just got one thing to say, \
Jordan Thomas
What supercharger do you have? I know the one Cletus got put in the Vic is a VMP and they specially make them for mustangs and the thing is nasty, could help get you into the 9s as well
JurCur _
Been following since 17k, and man you’re so awesome! I like your video’s so much. Please don’t stop making videos, you willl grow.
2018 Scat Pack Videos coming soon...
Kenny Quinby
Do more of these longer videos 😀
Kenny Robinson
Kohl Marvel
I literally cant watch Gavins videos around family or friends because of all the damn moaning
Idk why when u get new parts i get excited as if im getting new parts😂🤘🏽👍🏽
Live4 Boost
Lol the ratchet strap on cv axle clip had me dying lol. Just use a pry bar
Mad Max
So you gave up the Torson that came with the PP why not just install the new 3.31 gears into the existing one.
Mario Porras
Love this channel keep up the good work 👍
Marion Gamble
Ready for some races now can you do me a favor to....I am a chevy guy and own a ss camaro...but please take that mustang beat the hell out of guitarmegadon camaro just because hes not what people think he is and thats not a good look for people that love cars
Mark Erskine
355 would be better!! I believe you're going to loose some time with that ratio.
Mark Gephart
“Mild acceleration” \nProceeds to stab petal to the floor 😂
So when’s the big brake kit going on
It's time to roast 'em!!!!!
Michell Lopez
You need to change de calibration. And tell to Lund you got a new differential to set the new value in the ECU
Going 9s will take a auto.
Race against Kyle or Emilio from boostedbois
You added too much oil to the diff. It's only designed for 1.6 quarts. So the oil is covering the gears completely. It's reducing it's efficiency, and it can become aerated and frothy, making the diff run hotter and potentially have more wear and tear
Oscar Murillo
Race streetspeeds 717 Mclaren 👀
PBJ man
I thought the box was going to take 9 seconds to open lmaoo
Hope he put that vent tube back in😬
Regular Guy Garage
Man, when I got my s550 people talked so much smack about me having 3.31s and didn’t listen to my reasoning. My, how the tables have turned lol
Watch 9:18 - 9:56 with your eyes closed
Sergio Sanchez
Perfect timing!!! I didn't know what to watch during my psychology lecture.\u200b
The stang is *thicc*
Everything he says I take sexually.. just listen to him take apart his car with your eyes closed
Did you reconnect the hose to the diff? Didn't see you do it in the video and it's been worrying me LOL
Steve C
Great video! Can't wait for you to line up with that infamous Hellcat that made you famous. 😁
Subscribe to me please
Race that hellcat that lives with you in the apartment area or that black mustang gt350 or 500 that was in the parking lot while you were working on the car
Thomas C Riviera
Race the old man with the Hellcat again!! This time you are gonna win man! Btw, love your vid's, been here since you were about to sell the Camaro to that girl, cannot wait to see more content, cause I don't mind the diversity as long as you enjoy making vid's as much as we love to watch them. To all of you here in the comment section and you Gavin(hope I spelled it right). Whatever happens: Don't Lose Sight ;)
Tony Aguilar
His laugh every time he's excited LMAOOOOO!!!
Top Souls
Tu voz me pone muy cachondo,me has provocado una gran erección. Gracias!
Close your eyes at: 9:45 - 9:51
Voltic Reactor
Good job putting the jackstands underneath the car! Most people just leave the jack up instead of putting jack stands under it, mad respect man
I put my pipe from my jack over my tools all the time for a diy breaker bar 😂
Please buy some power tools, preferably Milwaukee cordless impacts. It will make life easier.
Keep the original diff just in case you blow the new one
Most people- I wanna go with a different set of rear gears(goes to shop puts on lift and takes rear end apart and swaps gears) itsjusta6- I’m gonna swap gears(jacks up on ground and takes whole rear end apart and swaps diffs) 😂 love the content though
Always talking about your big package.
captain majid
33 views \n84 likes \n0 dislikes \nLol
“we’ll do a little mild acceleration” *goes 40 to 120 in 4 seconds*
Hey man, I know you love your car so please don’t use Royal Purple. Its overpriced trash.
It would've been easier to switch gears than the whole rear end.
Next time at the track will be very interesting... whether I can get this car into the 9s is completely up to my driving ability. Do I have what it takes?? 🤔🤔
Best YouTubed in the world you have my dream car see you at APX Boston
javier cordero
Yes man I love these videos
john scott
Been following this channel since 40k subscribers, love watching it grow and you staying humble
You and stradman are the best car youtubers \n Like you guys for different reasons but you two are who i enjoy the most. Cant imgine watching a streetspeed video for 23 mins.
You really need to replace that torn boot asap....
Were you able to sleep that night??? You were super hyped with the new diff 🤙🏻
It's crazy how much this car has evolved. I remember when you first got it and you were freaking out about hitting like 120 in 6th.
the stoned mechanic
All these mods but still stock brakes, have fun stopping that pig, slotted and cross drilled rotors and carbon fiber ceramic brake pads should be after the cam kits, roller rockers and stronger springs