William Orbit Barber s Adagio For Strings (Ferry Corsten Remix)

Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector

Adrian Garcia Moreno
From 3:00 ahead there is another whole different song which is System F - Out Of The Blue
Brain Town
Well this inspired me (thanks to lve4all) to create this compilation via vinyl, but also with a decent ending...\nHAVE FUN!!! https://youtu.be/Z1nT0PtIzAk
David Singleton
DeWinter 007
Meeeega Leute......Jiiiihaaaaa
correct me if I'm wrong but System F IS Ferry Corsten, he's recorded truckloads under many many guise's
Herbie Weatherby
My fav techno mix ever \u003c3
Joxe mari
It's beautiful I love it ❤❤👍👍 Thank u.
Music Lover
I love it!!!
Nic Marshall
thank you `lve4all` for putting this up.
Nightcore_ Lily
Should I subscribe, just cos I love this song
Ronny Cousin
\[email protected]
That Dylan
They just dont make dance music like this anymore! Just amazing.
Tom Lenny
suuuuuuuuuper 🌏
Excellent! -from Gen X
emilio ramos lama
que temaso mas bueno y triste te hacer llora que me gustar este tema que recuerdos dios mios si volvieran de nuevo un saludo emilio
james alexander
Stupendous version of one of my favorite classic pieces, Barber's Adagio. I can't believe it myself but I just turned 69 as in years OLD and I can't get enough techno and trance music. On my 70th I plan on going to a club dressed in black to boogie all night with a little help of some chemical aid, if you know what I mean. I've been a lover of electronic and classical music since my 30s and it's only natural that I would major in the two together. Live long and prosper you young punks -- Lol! BTW, my fav dance is from the cd \
juan jose montaña
steve cheetham
Sad maybe but I want Barbers Adagio played at my funeral. Let’s see em not cry then hee hee. Then William Orbit, then TIESTO. Party on