Moby, Jill Scott and The Blue Man Group - Natural blues

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Natural Blues - Moby, Jim Scott & Blue Man group in 2001 Grammy awardsThere is a higher quality video in the following link uploaded by me in the following link

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Alphe Diallo
Andrey Continent
Лучшее шоу в сой памяти!!!
Andy Frost
My generation think of the world pre 1960 in black and white. The next generation will think of the world pre 2000 as made up of squares
Apollonia Childs
Awesome I love Jill Scott!! Blue Man Group is cool too.
i remember when this was on tv
Autoservis Magistral
Номер - просто бомба!!!
Ayra Smith
nice! that was awesome! :D
Bosco Alemao
I wish I was there..... I saw it as a kid it's still enthralling
One of the best Grammy moments ever
moby is so bad ass
Das Jennster
jim scott?
David M
love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is one of my favorite all time live performances. It made me a fan of this song, Blue Man, and Moby. Already a Scott fan.
Dominykas Mostauskis
Guillermo Cabanelas
@mateo4707 tampoco hay adjetivos en mi lengua para decribir esta actuacion
JOhn Smith
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James Bov.
A musica é do Moby e vejam como ele vai cumprimentar a Jill Scott no fim do clipe e esta não dá moral nem uma, se achando a protagonista.
Wow. This is actually pretty good.
Jin Nah
@CptApache Big BEAUTIFUL black woman. :P
Kinga Felszner
I saw them, few years ago. They're amazing!
Krusty The Clown
sad the video quality is so bad. The sound quality is okay though...
i love jill scott.
Latemus Meaux
I remember before all this, Moby didn't want to do this performance. Mainly he though the Blue Men Group wasn't gonna do him justice to music, and everyone gave them a standing ovation.
Lord Baddkitty
Truely Awesome.
Marrissa Schueler
amazing, haunting performance
this was a good performance!
Merle Blue
Is this video actually blurrier than I remember, or what?
does anyone know if this was a professional recorded performance so i could get the track without the cheering or is it just on a live performance? just that im a media student here in the UK and id like to create my own music video to this track as one of my assignments,thanks and hope to hear form someone soon
Niles Effort
Jill and Moby should do something else, just like this. Great combination!!!! Black and White makes some good milk. I even got trouble with GOD.
Amazong. I didn't watch the grammys this year, I had no idea they did this.
Rich M
Those who have seen moby live, know he is one of the most talented guys in the industry. He knows music better than most. He can sing, play lots of istruments, write wicked songs and really entertain.
Toni K
moby rules that
Super Mega Affengeil, der hit und wahnsinn\n
You are an fuckin idiot puschi11111 you know why?becouse you don't know what is good bitch!!!
Zack C.
This is the best verison of this song. And that's coming from someone who loved the original Moby mix.
Zenny Green
wouldnt this have been a lot better if the synths could have been heard,still very good and entertaining
There are too many that are saying that Moby wrote this song. That's not true. This song was written by a black folk singer named Vera Hall. The original title of the song is called \
blagoyavich rod
See that at the end, Kids? That's called a standing ovation.
amazing - thanks for posting this!
Jill is like... damn...
c-fabian sharpe
love this
But moby wrote the frickin' song, douchebag.
I think I was about 10 or 11 when I saw this performance on TV, and I remember it blowing my mind back then the way it did just now.
Saw this live on TV! SPECTACULAR!!! amazing, soul stirring, fabulous, LOVE THIS!! & i'm 64! Saw BMG in the 90's on TV/Leno & was Love at 1st sight/sound! Saw them live 3 xs, once in 2000 in Vegas & 2 xs in Dallas TX!! and over 18 yrs later & i STILL appreciate everything BLUE! here i am 2018, still searching to watch this! & the S.O. was awesome, i cried!
Love this! Perfect blend of amazing artists
ugh. \ntoo much...\nart...\nand talent...\nin one...\nvideo. \nbrain...\ncan't handle...\nthe awesomeness. \nI rest now.
energy work
2017 im seduced.
Jill is incredible
Back when there was actual talent at the grammys
Wish this was in HQ. It was the standout performance at that years Grammys IMO, and I still remember it.
jimmy clark
absolutely brilliant
jordi molins
This performance give me goosebumps whenever I watch it. One of the BEST GRAMMY performances ever!
kyle nicholson
jill scott takes this to CHURCH!!!!!!!! this needs to be a recorded version!!!!
Funny comment coming from a Kings of Leon fan...
I don't know, why don't you take a look at the top of the video?
Anyone know who is yelling in the beginning? Sounds like teen girls (they always say the same thing) and I remember hearing them on many performances from this period.
Simply awesome...\r\n\r\nIt's so good to see that there are still people in this world who knows how to mix/sing/play/cretae good music! This is ART!\r\n\r\nThaank you Moby and BMG!
that was pretty nuts. beats the hell out of the album version fo sho.
imagine how often they have to get a new bass drum head
preston banks
yeah shes great
Awesome song!!!! Viva Mexico!!!!
this performance made me a moby fan
I wish I could have been there.
Download anyone?
this was the most amazing thing that happened at that ceremony
simply perfect ... say hello from Poland
Just write down \
Pitty there is no version of the video adequate to this century.
tony borgia
anyone Chelsea fan?
Actually the song is an old negro spiritual/traditional Folk Gospel song.
I WAS THERE! her VOICE IS INCREDIBLE. she doesn't need a mic.