Terminator Theme - Metal Cover by Kafziel

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NEW VERSION 2017:My version of the song originally composed by Brad Fiedel.Hope you enjoy it =)

Argentina Brad Fiedel Cover Cubase 5 Djent Guitar Guitar Cover Heavy Instrumental Metal Progresive Rebhellion Superio... Terminator Theme Version

This should be the newest version of the Terminator Theme :)
Alexander Zabolotskii
good! Insomnium-ish sound!
Alexander Zechner
nice :)
Amos Maka
If they were to ever make a Third Dragon Ball Z Movie for 20-whatever, the trailer MUST have this soundtrack!! (Or better still for Dragon Ball Super). \n\nI can picture it now: The Final Epic Battle between two of the biggest rivalries in Anime History set to clash in the same place they fought years ago. Goku VS Vegeta. As the battle begins THIS soundtrack hits.
Arman Nagapetian
this is Masterpiece !
Arsenis Serba
I well back
ADM did a pretty good version of this too, but their's is just too short. This is right on the money.
Ben -
I really want to here this on surround sound.
Blog Plus
Branko Pavic
Brian K
this ams totally metal
Only two themes songs have given me goose bumps The Undertakers Theme, and this Cover of the Terminators Theme.
Bumpa clot
10/10 playing at my funeral.
Cecilia Stephanie Barboza
WOW! Me encanta! Muy buenoo!
Chase Isley
This is so sick
Chris Zi
I gschpias scho💪
Chromosome Central
This would be great in a gears of war game
Cobra Cost
This is so damn epic and badass and I love it!!!
Cyborg Deluxe
if cyborgs could get boners, I would have one. thank you, sarah connor.
Dannielle Scott
I turned this into my ring tone. .... I can't get enough of this cover!!!
Darren Shannon
brilliant work.... really enjoyed
50 terminators dislike this.
That ending though!!! :O It got so cool near the end!!! Great stuff... Its spot on!
Dugi Devet
i was heard eve better versions from 2005...\nbut is ok for start.
Awesome. Can I use it for my video which is Terminator parody?
Dzimis Inenas
The machine can walk thought lava moust hott3st degree lava it can't be stoped
Edgar Marianno
awesome song
Me gusta
Esteban Rios
barbaro!! muy bueno!! te felicito!!\n
Eugene Johnson
A great cover for a great original theme. Really nice man, I really enjoyed it.
G-MAC Johnson
outstanding theme song Here Comes The Terminator
Gabriel Bendinelli
The Best cover in You Tube!
Gothic clown Eternal clown
Pretty awesome
Gustav Kristensen
Youtube you are Terminated
Heber Paul
Hey excelent! No se si entiendas bro pero si si ¿me darías permiso ocupar tu cover como intro en un EP que lanzaré en Enero? Es multigenero jeje
Your awesome cover inspired my comedy version! Arny on vocals! Terminator Theme Song with Vocals! Widally-Wah with Johnny Ep. 5
Himanshu Tyagi
can i use this music for my video, I will credit it, put the proper link to this video. Please!
Jeffrey Lancaster
Nothing is more metal than an army of metal skull killer robots destroying all civilisation. Love this theme, and this cover does it immense justice
Johan Jacobi
F*&^%$###cking BadAss! 
Jonathan Belmont
buena :D like 
Jordan Washko
If arnold ever truly came back and did one last Terminator movie this should be the theme\n
José Luis Rodríguez
Excelente versión, maldita sea está de poca madre, una de mis películas favoritas, yeah |m|
Justin Sanders
I will be 100% honest. There are some things in this song that don't partially thrill me. However, that guitar work is simply beyond words. It is awe-inspiring, haunting, and stirs the soul. And those are pale adjectives compared to the music itself. .
Justin Stone
kafziel dobra robota.
Liam Kirby
should be the theme song for the next movie
Lino S Guiza
awesome upbeat and lyrics
Marc P.
Love your Terminator Theme Metal Song much, way cool tune man! =)
can anyone tell me about the teeth of t800... I want to know what he using them for? it`ll be unbelievable if he`s opening his beer with having some cheeseburger and/or McChicken)) lol
Nicolás Fanta
Una genialidad.
Oleg Green
Excellent theme for next Terminator movie
Paul Burt
this should be the theme for the new movie 
Peterke ok
Reaper Syn
Well done, could definitely see Arnold decimating shit to this version with that minigun
Roberto Hernandez
Wooow!! 👏👏👍👍👌👌✌✌
Rory Dean
Amazing! I cover this song but this shit shreds my shit to shit. Can I say I LOVE YOU FOR THIS? Well I am! \\m/
Sabry Aridh a.k.a. The Thrash Panda
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woaaaaah this rocks!!!!!!!!!!! kkkkkkkkkk
Siddhartha Sankar Bhattacharya
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That Moment when you actually think about it, Terminator was already Metal to the Core. lol
Stuart Smith
Great job on a great track
T shimmin
put this on Spotify please!!!!!
The Death
Terminator is back for 2015...
Vasia Pupkin
Dun dun Pam pam Dun dun Pam pam
i wish my bones were like that ill be  unstoppable.
Vincent Marcellino
skynet sent 16 terminators back through time... their mission: destroy the 16 leaders of cyberdine, the board of Dislikers.
Si pudiera daría mil likes, es maravilloso.
Yaroslav Chagovetz
This must be main theme subsitute for Terminator 5!!!
This is my favorite version on you tube, awesome job man
Se me para la chota con este tema,me imagino viniedon con un par de armas todos robots,y dando la vida por el vino ?( tengo que cambiar la foto de perfil me da paja x.x
dream realm productions
played this at school on loop best school day ever period
hadi haqq
Great how,you put this together,,i feel you bro.as a warrior,whos been in 4 heavy metal wars and a survivor,,i feel you bro..!!!salute to ya..!!
hayden lowe
Damn that face is just....Staring...Into my soul....anyway awesome cover
jesse veillette
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fcking awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
master poop
sick dude. hey Pablo you should do a battle field theme metal (I know they sound similar but they are two different songs and you can hear a major difference in the beat but still)
Truely amazingly done, this should be used for the ending credits of new Terminator movie 👍👍👍💀
Now THIS is music I can fap to...
that's fukkin' sick
yion lander
Андрей Марков
Самая крутая версия на канале!
Сергей Анохин
Юрий Солдатов
Great! But for me not enough bass