One Word Interview About Logan Paul Vs KSI

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/e hannah
one word interview about the fight; refund
Its gonna be a draw
Why would ksi keep bringing the gf
Abir Hussain
Randolph reminds me of Josh cos they are both wierd when it comes to one word interview 😂
Ace senseii
Tbh Chloe bennette is hot
Adam McMullan
I got an ad for yazoo chocolate milk when KSI said 'She'll come to the dark side'
Adam Turner
Anyone else see that picture of Logan Paul at 1:19 ?
Aidan Smith
Deji: August\nJJ: Twenty\nLogan and Jake: Fifth
Alfie Mcchesney
9:38 ‘do it different anal’ 😂😂😂😂
Somg at 9:48 and onwards pleaasee
Apollo Vargas
I actually thought he wasnt gonna be in the vid!🖕🖕
Bethany Red man
Why does he still go after Chloe after everything.. they both don’t learn their lessons do they
Blunt Blowin
9:37 was the best part man. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Brian Philip
Does jj have a mad crush on Chloe or something?
I swear kJ said suicide forest but it got sensored
Cassius Felix
KSI Just Doing Everything
Chris Da Artist
*August 25th is gonna be Awesome!!*
JJ seems to be on the thin side today
Not the biggest event in YouTube history nah!
Danylo Danylenko
ayyy!! Finally miniminter doesn't write the title to the vid in caps!
c h l o e .
Eclipse X
Me and KSI had the same thought process at 6:35 😂😂😂
Enei Swick
I already know ksi is going to lose,it is going to be so funny
Lmao my man simin said \
Fardin Rabbi
One word: Chloe
Simon plugs the ksivslogan channel. At that moment an advert comes up 😂😂😂
Got7 Jackson
Damn, leave Chloe out...
Hash Brownington
Deji : OGUSTWENYFIF\nJJ : Chloe😏\nLogan & Jake : WAAALMARRT
Hayel Serflisher
Logan definitely loves that tree trunk more than Chloe.
Hello Hello
How jealous is KSi that Chloe is sleeping with Logan
I. W. C - calisthenics .C
Make sure u guys unsub from Randolph
Infinite Battlefield
Ksi can’t lose\n\n\n\n\nIf he does he will be the biggest meme on YouTube history
The way Simon looks up at 4:43 😂😂😂
James Smith
Jay Bomb07
After JJ knocks out Logan Chloe Bennett will run to ksi
Yes im gonna be that guy\n\n\n\n\nPlease sub to me because my parents hate me and im trying to raise enough money(from ad venue) to move out my mothers apartment thank u
Jesper van Zijp
Who else thinks that miniminter should make a rap song with randolph?
4:43 The zoom in and the way Simon looks up is what literally MAKES this...😂\n\nLmao
John H
4:15 the word was “Suicide”
Johnny 42 år
KSI for president!
Jordyn Nexus
Bet Logan’s log is made out of foam
Justin X.
I read it as One Worst Interview
Ksi is talking himself up ALOT he needs to win or he will be destroyed
Kabishan Sivarasan
clicked on the video, thought it was clickbait, still was gonna watch it, turn out it wasn't clickbait.
Karanbir Singh
That video was all about Chloe
KristianPlayz PH
how can Logan Paul losses to a FIFA gaymer
JJ hella thirsty for Chloe 😂
Simon the type of guy to tie his shoe laces without bending his knees
Manan Pathak
Yo why is ksi obsessed with logan's gf
Max White
4:12 pretty sure he said something about suicide
Meno 28
Do it different , anal ! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Michael Joyce
I know the fight is over but I mean you can clearly see from that marketing vid how KSI won he did tranning whilst logan paul carried a log around thinking it's a rocky 4 tranning vid
Omg jj hasn't learnt from his mistakes omg he thinks women are objects omg. *read in a diva chewing gum voice*
Mona Saud
2:45 I’m here before Logan makes a reaction video and calls out jj for saying prostitute, even though he was clearly joking and it’s just bants
Do it different, Anal
Nikolas T. Kwok
Imagine if ksi lost right after his cant lose documentary was released 😂
I swear if Logan Wins this fight I'm done with internet forever
Rajveerhrl Lilloo
Rakce B3X
Ramon Gallegos
Why do fans of JJ call Logan Paul fans cringey when they're the same way?
that log was almost as big as logans ego
S.I.C.K Art
I will be livestreaming the fight free on my channel August 25th!!!
Shake Dat
0:54 Is this the *KSI vs Joe Weller* fight?
Who's here after the fight lol i think KSI deserved it .
Sharam Dadvar
*When I see Logan training with trees.* Oh so he’s going to be a Japanese forest lumberjack?\n\n\n\n\n\n\nSry.
I clicked faster than it took logan to pull out his camera when he saw the dead body
Smilez Only
JJ is mad jealous that Logan has Chloe
Starmed Minecraft
''Describe the Paul family''\nMe: Scripted
who else actually unsubscribed from randolf just for bants
SuperiorGaming 98
Can’t wait for Logan Paul to get his face smashed on the ground
Tahir mubasher
Simon never loves anyone's comment because he hates his fans. 😞😞😞
Tanner Cark
Ksi stop going after Chloe
That guy
Ksi got a fixation on Chloe, it's troubling.
The 1717th
Logan's big plan seems to be that he will cut down enough trees to make forests nonexistent so that years in the future people won't believe his forest incident due to them not believing forests could even be a thing.
The Clutch 007
Logan and Chloe sitting in a forest F I L M I N G
The Gaming Melon !
For anyone wondering ksi said “suicide forest” at 4:00
The Moderator
I'm the moderator
The YouTube monster
I’m getting the feeling that Ksi likes Chloeeeee
The last Tea bag
Simon:That was my Christmas present \n😂😂😂😂
chloe benett
Tizan Chowdhury
Even though I'm not a LP fan, for some reason I think LP will win.
JJ's just worried about all of the explaining he's going to have to do after he kills Logan Paul
After the video:\nSimon: How are you doing JJ?\nJJ: Chloe\nJosh: JJ wanna film a video?\nJJ: Chloe\nJJ's mum: AH AH Who used up or de ot wata?\nJJ: Chloe.
Universal Secret
After the fight?
Vlogging With Content
He is just jealous of Logan’s girlfriend
Whitley_09 Gaming
Mad respect to ksi, but I’m rooting for Logan just because of his experience, and at the end o f the day I enjoy both of there vids
Zahra Malik
“Tit fight each other” this had me dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
boneless pizza
do one with freya and talia
fuju 78
4:10 JJ is saying \
hypernova squad
Jake will beat deji\n\n\n\n\n\n\nHe's already had experience beating Alissa
karen townshend
Come on JJ!!!
marvin williams
ksi keeps saying chloe
if jj loses his channel will go ham
KSI: prostitute\n\nLogan Paul: DEAR KSI...
tomasisus k
1:41 love how logans doing the rocky thing but hes still gonna lose