Reggie Miller Gets 8 Points in 9 Seconds

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Reggie Miller stuns the crowd in a huge playoff game

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MJ only played 17 games before the playoffs that year, he was still not in playoff condition!
A Suffering Knicks Fan
Still suffering :(
Alex Melendrez
thats only 6 points\n
Andrew Cavins
Reggie is the greatest shooting guard. He could make plays and still shoot very close to Ray Allen. Jordan was a driving guard who couldn't shoot threes with the great ones.
Angelo Youngblood
Yea no ring and he fouled to make those plays. People applaud this ? Haha haha. Anyone can foul and win. And no one can make an impossible shot .04 seconds no one. Even fisher.
Anonymous Guy
I love how people complain about the quality. It was 1995, don't expect 1080p.
Miller had a good shot a winning championship in 2008 with the celtics but he didnt want to go back to the NBA I bet he could have got a easy ring on the bench but I am glad he didnt come back I feel it would be better if he ended his career with the pacers.
Plus the free throws\n
Da Sh
Miller deserves admiration for that amazing clutch play, however I just noticed his push off on who I believe to be Greg Anthony that freed him up for that second 3 pointer. Should have been a foul, thereby negating the second three. I know refs like to let calls go in the final minute, but that was a very bad no-call. It occurs at the :12 second mark.
As much as I love Jordan it makes me kinda sad to think how many great players and other hall of famers couldn't get a ring because of him; Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, John Stockton, etc
Danny Burton
reggie miller pushes greg anthony down right in front of the official and anthony mason throws him the ball, really... why not throw the ball to your end of the court , really, is the game rigged ?
Do you even understand the pressure that's on your shoulders in a situation like that? You have everyone on the opposing team coming for you, it's a playoff game, it's in an opposing team's home turf, AND you have no time to line up the shot. Reggie was and will remain to be one the BEST 3-point shooters in the history of the NBA. Nobody playing today could pull off some of the shots he pulled off. Show some respect.
Dylan Corcoran
without thinking someone on the pacers fouled john starks and even more miraculously he missed both free throws and they fouled reggie on the rebound
Erik Markus
fourth quarter, always the reggie miller quarter
Eugene Gumen
Zero facts or evidence? I think the fact that Jordan won every championship in the 90's except in 94, 95, and 99 (when he wasn't playing) is good enough evidence
Man, I was in my basement when I saw that game. After that, I dug a hole in my basement and crawled in.\n\n #DamnYouReggieMiller
Hashim Musa
Reggie Miller is the man
Hermes Gaming
man, im a Knicks fan, but I gotta give credit to Miller
The best
most clutch player of any sport ever.
Isaiah Kim
after he made the 2nd 3, they fouled john starks\nhe missed both \nand miller got fouled.
Terrible logic.
Jacob Andrews
Most clutch players of all time \n1. Jordan 2. Miller. 3 robert horry
Jash Rock
I scored 8 points in 41 seconds with emerald AD in 2k
John Van
that awkward moment when 480p and 240p are equal
Johnny Rascal
Whoa Reggie! That was something else. Greatest clutch artist ever, next to MJ of course.
This is really not that impressive. He hit a 3, the inbounder threw the ball right too him, he hit another 3, then he got fouled after rebounding a foul shot. TMac's 13 points in 35 seconds was MUCH more impressive (youtube id: nfurCV1FDpM)
Kenny Chi
No doubt MJ is one of the greatest player in NBA,but Chicago team without Scottie Pippen, Toni Kukoc, the greatest nba coach Phil Jackson etc..hard to believe he can win with him own..
Kevin Livingstone
I would like to see your do that.
Khiean Paquete
Reggie Miller is one of the greatest clutch players of all time. Sure, no championship.... but it's better than begging to get traded to stars studded teams just so you can win a title.\nBesides, competition was also great back then.
He is an hall of famer and you arn't
He did Only score 6 points
Millers chicken man backpedal after hitting a three always made me laugh
Mandy Black
Love Reggie miller \n
Reggie's 8 in 9 or McGrady's 13 in 35? Which is more incredible?
OKC -- please watch this. learn something
MJ came back from his retirement and lost to Shaq and the magic the year the Rockets won it.
Nelda Narcisse
0:44 he should do that to GS 😂😂😂💀
Nikhil Ramesh
And Hakeem the dream was there, but yeah jordan completely dominated. Probably would have had 2 more rings the years he was gone.
великое было время великих баскетболистов
Paul Kraft
Classic right there I love seeing this Reggie showed them all what is up.
Pka fan
its because mj and pippen and jackson and then later on rodman also ron harper was no scrub
its funny how he gets back to the freethrow line like, shit imma clutch this LMAO
all the superstars who played in the 90's never won a championship in the90's because of M.J.. the only reason clyde drexler and the rest of the rockets won was because jordan retired and look what happened when he came back and got back into his grove the bulls won their last 3 championships
No, the Pistons won in 1990, before Scottie Pippen had matured into a great player. The following year, the Pistons were defeated by the Bulls and the Bulls never looked back. MJ won a title in every full season he played after 1990.
Robby Sullivan
Lebron is good but not 90's good. Running from team to team is not the way to do it. Win 6 championships with the same team and then call me
haha I've been wondering that exact same thing and it drives me NUTS whenever the highlights of his 8 points in 9 seconds doesn't show it!
Its Miller Time! 2012 HoF inductee
Scott D
It's a shame that Reggie never got a ring, because that was the most lethal, cold-blooded 9 seconds in human history. Amazing. Glad I was watching it when it happened. My buddies and I were acting like idiots watching this happen.
Semyon Semyonov
You are neither, retard.
meanwhile LeBron does 2 flops in 9 seconds
Yuen Ching Cheung
starks were fault to the FT line, he misses the 2 shots and reggie got the rebound in that moment while struggling to secure the ball i think either oakley or mason fault Reggie =)
how is it more impressive? tracy's was a mid season game that meant nothing. reggie's was in the eastern conference semis against a rival.
Tired and false argument. Haters have been saying this about the Rockets ever since. Stupid assumption with zero facts or evidence to back it up because you can't
boge gweno
Miller Time or Steph Curry whos got the better release? I get Miller all time...
devin depoy
bulls cant do that shit!!
jack wetmore
clutchest player of all time
And who exactly has ever won a championship on their own? As long as I can remember, Basketball is a 5v5 game. Never once saw a pro 1v5 game let alone championship games.
where was the foul?
he pushed!!
CHOKE SIGN!\nTechnical Foul!\nEjection!\nFine!\nSuspended 1 game!\ what would happen today.
8 points in 9 is crazy, i also think 13 in 33 by tracy mcgrady is one of the greatest performances of all time.\n
I know I shouldn't feel bad for them, but damn... they all \
how did pacers get the ball back for the 3rd time that lead to millers 2 free throws ?