Ethan Casner - Terminator Theme (Metal Version)

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My own version of the Terminator theme. I started off wanting to make it more Djent than it turned out being but the challenge was doing the whole thing while only being able to listen to the drums when tracking the guitars because my audio interface is fucking up hardcore. Hoping to get an Apogee One for Xmas so I can go back through and re-record some of this stuff.Gear:Guitar: ESP MH 417 (Pickups: 81-7 Active in Bridge / 707 Active in Neck)Bass: Some old ESP Bass I haven't changed the strings on in 5 years.Amp: Legion + Redwirez Impulses (My own personal creation of settings, microphones and configurations)Cab Sim: LeCabBass Amp: VandalDAW: Cubase 5Mastered with T-Racks at -9RMS (Roughly)

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