Megaraptor - Terminator Theme (Metal Version)

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T2 come with me if you want to live hastalavista baby i`ll be back terminator terminator metal terminator rem... terminator theme terminator theme metal

Ade Cairns
Needs more views definitely
Andrew Hunt
Terminator is never completely terminated
Awesome, just awesome!! Love this version of the theme 😍😍😍
Ben -
I can't imagine any one else being the terminator besides Arnold. He is metal, he is the terminator.
Boomstick Fire
If there's ever a terminator 6, it needs this remix!!!!!!
too epic.... but this one sounds very great.... but the Terminator have nothing with epic..
Clarissa Hollar
Beautiful. \u003c3
Well, that's an unusual way to hold a minigun...
Epic Hero
What the Hell is this
Holy shit, Megaraptor. This is absolutely mind blowing. Incredible! I'm a HUGE metal head, mostly listen to death metal, melodeath and black metal. You hit the nail on the head with this song. I've been jamming to it nonstop! Keep it up! \\m/
Felipe Bravo
Fernando Teruel
Great, wonderful!!!
FevayZ Wrestling
Perfect \nCan you a short version for one of my tribute for Kenny Omega who is a wrestler like Terminator
G-MAC Johnson
come with me if you want to live
Ippiki Õkami
OH... MY... GOD... this is beyond the limits of awesomeness... it's fucking epic, especially that guitar screaming reverberation towards the end... that was the fucking best I've heard
Jericho 83
Jesus. This is it ! This is how it should be Terminator theme song. Wooow. Perfect. Can I use few clips of this song in my videos ? I will put credits of song and link in description under video.
John Shreder
Krisztián Kovács
reminds me to quake or doom or something from ID software
Matthew Mayer
Hell yea man best metal cover ever
Mickael Lefrançois
Magnifique,du bon boulot 😍
Nolan Naim
Skynet hate you
Rancid Hyenas Gaming
Tracy Connors and celina pollock
cool as hell
I always thought terminator theme was metal... you made it even more metal... I like that
Wesley Warsmith
HAH! Good stuff bro
ayman as
OMFG . great !
The background reminds me a lot of C&C Tiberium wars... good times, good times.\nAnd the cover/remix/version is awesone. Good job!
There are many Metal Terminator themes. But this one is the best, in this humble metalhead's opinion. It just crushes with epic chugs.
I don't even listen to metal normally but this is just awesome.
khaled zoubeidi
great !
pascal Pouvreau
c'est franchement à gerber !!!
Сергей Кондратенко
Such a Badass!