Antonov 225 Mriya ULTIMATE MOVIE about flying worlds largest airplane [AirClips full flight series]

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Show the world that you are an AirClips Fan: Antonov AN-225 flies 154 metric tonne waste heat boiler from Leipzig, Germany to Edmonton, Alberta. (Edmonton, Canada) DB Schenker today announced the successful move of a 154-metric tonne waste heat boiler to Edmonton International Airport (EIA) for its customer, Agrium Inc. The waste heat boiler is a vital component used in the production of nitrogen fertilizer destined for Agrium’s Fertilizer Operations in Redwater, Alberta, approximately 52 km north of Edmonton. Schenker of Canada Limited’s Projects Division arranged for all segments of the delivery originating from Berlin, Germany including barge, truck, and final arrival at Edmonton International Airport via the Antonov AN-225. From there, the cargo will be carried by over-sized trailer to the Agrium Redwater plant. According to Eric Dewey, President and CEO, Schenker of Canada Limited, “This is a massive undertaking that required months of extensive planning, right down to the final details. Agrium’s timeline negated the option of ocean transport and we were very fortunate the Antonov AN-225 was available to transport the waste heat boiler from Berlin to Edmonton.” “We are undergoing a significant site construction and replacement project at our Redwater site,” explains Kevin Melnyk, Plant Manager Nitrogen Operations, Agrium Redwater. “DB Schenker knows we have a critical implementation timeline and they are working to specific deadlines to transport this waste heat boiler. At Agrium safety and reliability are the way we operate. The installation of this new boiler will significantly improve the production reliability at our site.” “A critical role of EIA is efficiently supporting this type of heavy-lift cargo operation”, says Alex Lowe, Manager Cargo Business Development at EIA. “This operation is a prime example of the growth in cargo at EIA. Recent and continued investments in the airport’s cargo infrastructure will continue to enable this region’s economic growth.”Antonov Airlines is a Ukrainian cargo airline, a division of the Antonov aviation company. It operates international charter services in the world of oversized cargo market. Its main base is Gostomel Airport near Kiev. The company owns an Antonov An-225, the world's largest operational cargo aircraft and the only one completed. The airline was established and started operations in 1989 through a marketing agent agreement with Air Foyle to market Antonov An-124 Ruslan cargo charters worldwide. This relationship ended in June 2006. The same month Antonov Airlines and another large player in the global specialty air cargo business, Volga-Dnepr Airlines (Russia), established a joint venture company — Ruslan International — where each company has a 50% stake. The joint operation of the Ukrainian and Russian fleets allows them to share the combined An-124-100 commercial fleet of seventeen aircraft (seven of which belong to Antonov Airlines) and the only Antonov An-225 in service worldwide.The Antonov An-225 Mriya (Ukrainian: Антонов Ан-225 Мрія, Russian: Антонов Ан-225 Мрия, Dream, NATO reporting name: "Cossack") is a strategic airlift cargo aircraft that was designed by the Soviet Union's Antonov Design Bureau in the 1980s. The An-225's name, Mriya (Мрiя) means "Dream" (Inspiration) in Ukrainian. It is powered by six turbofan engines and is the longest and heaviest airplane ever built with a maximum takeoff weight of 640 tonnes. It also has the largest wingspan of any aircraft in operational service. The single example built has the Ukrainian civil registration UR-82060. A second airframe was partially built; its completion was halted.The Antonov An-225, initially developed for the task of transporting the Buran spaceplane, was an enlargement of the successful Antonov An-124. The first and only An-225 was completed in 1988. After successfully fulfilling its Soviet military missions, it was mothballed for eight years. It was then refurbished and re-introduced, and is in commercial operation with Antonov Airlines carrying oversized payloads. The airlifter holds the absolute world records for an airlifted single item payload of 189,980 kilograms (418,834 pounds), and an airlifted total payload of 253,820 kilograms (559,577 pounds). It has also transported a payload of 247,000 kilograms (545,000 pounds) on a commercial flight.

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Great video showing a great plane
Awsome vid !!!!!!!!!!! Thank you.
7,9 Bit
Обалденный салолёт!
A. R. Jasso
14:45 Antónov eats kalitta snack
Saw the 225 up here in Canada last year! :)
I'm speechless! Awesome stuff.
Andrew Ferrari
This is by far the best video on the Antonov AN-225 that I have ever seen, you put a lot of work into this masterpiece! Someone criticized the fact that you cut the movie to often! Well... my question is... how could you integrate all of the different points of view of the same action if you didn't cut ?!?  Fantastic Job!
Artyom Abatsiev
Nice soviet airplane
Barry Maynard
I'm finding that watching videos of beautiful aircraft like this one is helping me to overcome my fear of flying.
Benjamin A. Herder
What is the job of the people sitting behind the pilots?
Bernard Van Dijk
This is the true king of the skies!
Bob Conner
Jesus!  The damned cockpit is bigger than my living room
This jet is even more beautiful than my girlfriend...
Brett Bass
Frigging Plane is bigger than the high school I went to! I nominate it as the 8th wonder of the world, an Engineering Marvel, Unbelievable!!
Brianikhwanberpeci Ikhwanberpeci
Antonov airplanes are also on flight simulator 2018 Flywings Free games
Britt Unculus
Air-Clips Studios makes all the blockbusters!
Bruce Blake
The Antonov AN-225 is a Ukrainian aircraft, not USSR.  It is true that it was first developed during the Soviet era, for transporting the \
It's like watching god coming down from the heavens. Amazing how stable this is compared to the normal A380 and 747.
Charles Dubois
I seem to recall that Antonov approached Airbus for a buy-out not that long ago. If that did happen (and Antonov became part of the Airbus consortium), the latter will have a dedicated freight aircraft division [in Kiev] complementing their passenger division in Toulouse..... :D Imagine that...! And I saw in another YouTube blog that the 124- and 225 freighters have much in common like the fuselage (admittedly, the 225 is broadly-speaking, a \
Great video about a magnificent aircraft. Thanks.
Chris Quick
Just when you think they've shown you the whole plane, the cameraman enters another room! I didn't realize just how large this aircraft was! Great video, thanks for posting.
I think V1 - is at brake release because once it's rolling - you're committed.
Darrell Barbery
I first saw this aircraft at an airshow at Rickenbacker Air Force Base near Columbus, Ohio, USA.  It was amazing then, and even more impressive now that I am an adult. I'm happy to see the Antonov company is keeping these beautiful birds busy and in the air.  Best of luck and continuing success to the company and the crew.  Keep up the great work!
Donald Thomson
who BUILDS THE engines for this 'FANTASTIC' machine ! !
Draoric Zsareu
Fantastic video. Thanks for posting. The guy @ 1:03:58 (top right corner) looks totally relaxed. It definitely looks like he's taking a nap.
Drone Mania
Beautiful creation
Wow, and I though the Boeing 747 \
Been 33 years since this was built, and the engine's fans each have 33 blades...
Eri Airlangga
I can't believe this one is still in service since 1988 yet I'm so relieved to know they are rebuilding one more.
Eric Kamov
Respect to Captain Dimitri Antonov! - What an absolute wonderful aircraft . . . . . . . . . .
Erich Ohain
old fashion, I like it, despite the fact I am learning electronics n computer, which ultimately result in nowadays digital display cockpit and fly by wire, flight control system, personally I think the most joyful aircraft are those date back to late 60s to early 90s, after the IT evolution, nowadays fly a aircraft is like operating a flight-computer, not actually flying it, that's why as I learn to fly, I'd surely like to chose some old-fashioned piston engine plane with mechanics instrument, not two big \
Eugeniy Zub
Ukrainian air giant;-)\nUkrainian Dream (Mriya)
FSXNOOB - GᗩᗰᕮS & ᗰOᖇᕮ
DHL... package of cerosine?\n:)
FarhanZ (500 Sub Without Vids Challenge)✓
Lmaooo they make the plane from gta v lmaoooo
Fernando Rodrigues
This is undoubtedly the best video about the Antonov 225 that I found here in YT. I do not resign myself,with the size and load capacity of this airplane... I wanted to let my thanks to staff,for sharing this video.
Fred Fyre
King of the Sky and rightfully so. Great vid of the inside of a jet we may never get to see in person.
There is something almost poetic about this video.
Ghuks chophi
is this aeroplane or some kind of concert hall...!
Made in USSR
What an adventure watching this was for me. The sheer size of the airplane is breath-taking. Watching it land was absolutely beautiful. What a fantastic job the pilot has. Thanks for the upload. :)
Igor Tereshchenko
С детсва мечтал быть пилотом. Три самолета которые очень любил и мог любоваться долго: Конкорд, B747 и Мрія
Islam Musayev
in 16:00 min. our national company Silk Way Airlines )) best airlines of Azerbaijan ! )) lovely IL-76 lovely AZ101 :)
Ismail Güzel
Thank you very much for sharing this amazing video.
It's Just Ryan
Don't let anyone fool you. That plane wasn't built by man to transport some old space shuttle, it was built so we could once again give gravity the finger. We can only fall down and scrape our knees so much before we decide to teach physics a lesson in itself.
James Machain
Everything about the 225 is out of superlatives, truly mind boggling cargo plane. When Antonov Aviation company decided to build that cargo/freight plane, the plan was simply to throw logic out of the window..
Javier Caselli
The take off run is a bit scary, it seems as if it takes for ever to get up to speed. What an awesome aircraft!
JohnnyJim J
(Pilot Interview)\n\n- I'd like to apply for job Pilot Antonov 225..\n- And what is your experience?\n- I'm Military Pilot\n- What Aircraft did you fly before?\n- Small aircraft, Antonov 124... \n- What is your name? \n- My name is Antonov...\n\n:-D
Josh Godwin
Must be a great privilege to be able to fly this beast and get paid to do it at the same time.
L i
WOW! AMAZING! stunning Ukrainian\naircraft!
Mark Zimmerman
Love the videos and the quality of them. Happy I found this one. Really enjoyed the AN124 videos. I remember the Mighty Planes An124 documentary with the same captain in yours....Dimitri Antonov (No Relation)....seems like a neat guy and someone you would want in charge of this kind of responsibility. If possible would love to see the landing gear camera footage by itself with the sunrise/sunset footage toward the end. Breathtaking. Reminds of the still frames I have and can't find from a 737 flight dodging a super cell thunderstorm moments after takeoff and the shot of the clouds and sunset over the wing once around and leveled out. Thanks again.
Marnix Groet - GroetConsulting
This is #fantastic quality about #Antonov and it's biggest plane in the #Worldz I am really and mostly impressed about the quality of the movie ... , but also about the choice of the camera location, truly interesting views ... !\n#marnixgroet\
Miami Avi
Those engines sound magnificent
Michael Benno Butter
Well! Quite by accident I watched it flying over our house this afternoon! It was due to a landing in Leipzig Frachtflughafen and the approach lead it directly over Radebeul where it still had some 3000m height - but you could barely hear those 6 mighty turbofans - really amazing! What a day! I wish all the best to the crew and always some good freight to carry!! Greetings Mike
Mig -29
Ukraine AN-225 烏克蘭製造的安-225巨型運輸機👍👍👍👍👍
What a beast and man, did it have a long take off roll and a long glide to altitude.  Even the flight controls on this beauty were massive with huge travel.
do they need to max flaps for take off to gain enough lift? or almost max flaps?
The captain's tense expression on take off and the careful manipulation of throttles control this aircraft must be a challenge. I think the A380 crew allow technology to do the job.
Nikolaos Peterson
My ultimate plane I wish I could fly in! (I read I think on Wiki that there ARE apparently some passenger seating up to 74 passengers. I would absolutely LOVE and jump at the chance to fly in this bird! To hear these six engines singing away would be a rare treat! Of course i would like to visit the flight deck as well, that goes without saying)!
Oliver Müller
„Built like a steakhouse but flies like Bistro!“
Pierre Metral
Why, ho why youtube take so much time to finaly direct me to your channel? Thank you so much for all those videos. They are as much educative than erotic. ^^
R Wood
Probably the most interesting video I've seen on u tube.
Rich Bones
Amazing! That bad boy took off effortlessly.
for the Ours American Fans I can said , that Ukraine not only have created and developed such Aircraft technologies which are offering for all over the World , but have also offered for the United States - Mr.Sikorsky Ukrainian Engineer from the KYIV City , which was Creator of the Hellicopters - . its means UKRAINE have made a lot of \
Serg D
Amazing plane!!
Sheista Drama
Love the videos , fly more commercial airlines like Lufthansa, it really makes us want to be a pilot
Smail Bourahla
Petit point technique de pas grand chose :p mais quand ton instructeur te demande de \
Solomon Iberian
This is the absolute truth !!! This aircraft is the pinnacle of engineering thought and talent ... Once my teacher, engaged in the development of secret military equipment in Tbilisi, told me: \
Surojit Bhattacharjee
Awesome ! Vam Dyakyu ! Salute to Ukraine for building this massive flying beast !!
This is such an awesome video! This aircraft is so graceful,and it was a real joy to watch the talented crew fly her.
Tavis Young
It's a 154 metric tonne boiler manufactured by DB Schenkel to be transported from Leipzig, Germany to Edmonton, Canada. The boiler was purchased by Agrium for use in the production of nitrogen fertilizer in a plant located 52 km's North of Edmonton, just outside a town called Redwater.
The Enlightened Kiwi
Saw this bird come into Point Mugu Navy Base in California many years ago and it was something I will never forget seeing................That bird is freaking huge!!!
I bet the An225 crew looked over at that 747-400 that taxied by and thought it was a child's toy.
Tyler Parent
Awesome video but I'll be damned if the thing doesn't look like it's not going to get airborne while speeding down the runway
The fact is that Ukraine produces not only the biggest and the most reliable airplanes in the world An-124 Ruslan and An-225 Mriya. The newer ones are An-70, An-132 and An-178. All of the latter are amazing. You can see them on youtube.
Lovely video!! great pilot and great antonov
Volodymyr C.
No smartphone or Facebook can replace the technology of the 1960s.
Will Williams
Made in Ukraine!!! Слава Украiнi Героям Слава !!!
Willem P
That wing tips need there own erea code.It has more wheels than a road train.There are more people operating that thing than there are working in the Pentagon.More chains than slavery holding down the cargo.How can you not like this Bird.+ 1 like from me..
does this plane have auto pilot?
To answer   Troy  Greyham,s comment saying that the high pitched sqeal at the beginning was  annoying, I think that sound was possibly  originating from the aircraft,s   400cycle 3 phase power,,  400cycle power is common on larger aircraft, airliners to power avionics and a lotof other equipment,,,  it is not used on smaller aircraft  but used on both  larger civilian aircraft and   military aircraft of many different sizes
She's an aviation engineering marvel, so gigantic,and beautifull too need engineering maestro to design and built her.
14:37 looked as though the Jumbo was being eaten by Mriya.
esanzi esanzi
Thanks for this excellent film great effort and excellent photography thanks
World's largest airplane still utilizing the ol' six-pack.
gamer 360 U.K
just like a 747 i mean the nose
The best airplane vid on YT, hats down! great work, subbed a long time ago!
Absolutely incredible what mankind is able to accomplish. What a long way aviation has come; the Ukrainian people should be proud.
lenny zaroff
I was lucky enough to see from inside the Denver airport, I was then working on the airport, the take off of the other Antonov, the one with four engines, little bit smaller than this, but was an awesome experience!!! love this plane.
malkit sandhu
Wonderful giant ghost. The father of planes.
Thanks for posting this AWESOME video! So much respect to the Ukrainian people. I am an American who now lives in Ukraine--in the Transcarpathian region--in a town called TERESVA. It is literally a 15 to 20 minute walk to/from Romania. I love it here so much. I plan on staying here. I am a legal resident. The people here are very talented at everything that they do. They are a very detailed hardworking people. Everything that they do is done with perfect & precision craftsmanship!
susan asbury
this is one heavy weight girl   her pilot must be very proud of her  i am her no 1 fan     sue asbury
This plane is so BEAUTIFUL 😍.\n\nAntonov 225 - The king of the skies.
valter brocchieri
great flight, great crew, great, wonderful and amazing airplane. Thanks\nvalter
Александр Соц
Очень хорошее видео! Спасибо!
Богдан Ковальчук
That's our airplane! ))) Ukraine, I am proud of you!
Геворк Абикян
It's nice to know that this aircraft is a legend,in a single instance flies,and how sad to realize that when it will take place in the Museum
Генрих Валенштайн
Wright brothers could make their first flight inside this monster aircraft
Петр Александрович
glory to Ukraine!