Worlds largest Aircraft - Antonov An 225 Mriya Documentary HD

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American guy
China wants to mass produce these things for out of no reason
Atchi Reddy
Sir please develop atonov, 225 cargo carrier plane manufacturing in India vistara airlines tata aerospace, mahindra aerospace
Captain Goomba
Great documentary, but when the sound goes out of sync, it becomes difficult to enjoy. Can this be fixed?!?
Jet Gardner
The soundtrack screw up makes this unwatchable after 7 minutes - THUMBS DOWN
Joe Ogiba
In August 2016, representatives from Ukraine’s Antonov and Airspace Industry Corporation of China, an import-export company operating out of Hong Kong, signed an agreement to recommence production of the An-225, with China now planning to procure and fly the first model by 2019.
Leo Maloney
At 3:49 it says 737 instead of 747
Luis Flores
Put 4 GE 90 engines on it and it's even stronger.
About 360p resolution
Prio Himawan
dubber was late..
Robert Bennett
The constant emphasis on the first 'o' in the name Antonov is irritating-but very US.
Selekta Man
Soviet power supreme
Unified Gaming
Audio is delayed
Vally of the North
Made in Russia NOT Ukr!??
YouTube Zone
Сергій Том
made in Ukraine