William Orbit - Barbers Adagio For Strings (Original Version)

Adagio Adagio For Strings (Composition) Barber's Adagio For Strings Original Samuel Barber (Composer) William Orbit (Record Producer)

AlexVickers KRO
why are all these people arguing in the comments? enjoy the music.
Andrea Klotz
sehr schön, aber auf Dauer macht mich das depressiv.
Andy Bryant
this trance classic is great
Mr. Orbit's Adagio For Strings facilitates deep muscle relaxation, meditation, and positive mind altered state. . . .
Chri'tof God'fighter
this piece of music is anthological (ty Mr Barber )
Colin R
I sat here for 9:34 waiting for the drop.........
Diana Ayala
Master piece.
Dj Viter - -Ukrajina
Edwin Bitsoe
............ only one word............ BEAUTIFUL...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gabi Dröst
melancojlch mit happi end\nran
Gail Willis
Interestingly, this is a great track, this way, or as it was originally. I appreciate both.
George Wendle
One of the best electronic/classical mixes of all time. I love it as much today as the first time I heard it.
Glenn Symonds-Geniau
My friends that laughed and played together ......I MISS YOU. xxxx
Graf von Zong
The Kharak in fire, all gone... silence on all channels...
First heard this 1986 platoon haha so many remixes but still love it to day even though ferry corstens mix is the best by far
Jorge Morales
Música de alto nivel transporte a otro lugar idílico
Jürgen Kurek
Das ist der Titel bei meiner Trauerfeier... Sowas von garantiert!\n\nEs ist sicher nicht abwertend gemeint. Neun Minuten vierunddreißig Sekunden vollendete Melancholie. \n\nTraumhaft!
Karin Maegaard
wow tooooo beautifull, goosebumps music, thanks:-)
Kevin Coyle
One of my favorite pieces of all music ever. Can listen to it over and over again. I can escape reality for a little while.
Kiros Amin
Laurel Hope
OK I get it that people love the piece. But this is electronica, for heaven's sake (and Orbit changed both the time signatures and augmented the key it's performed in, so this is not the way this piece really sounds). It's [Samuel] Barber's \
Marcin Stępień
No tu już ręce opadają.\nBez komentarza.....
Mario Debuck
RIP Joseph Merrik
Mark Millyard
this is a beautiful piece of music and very reflective to all the man's behaviour towards others in conflict.
Mark ignacious
beautiful.calms my soul :)
Nic Marshall
Nicholas Jackson
It's wonderful....but it's not punk rock.
Nigel willis
Wow.  This is real music, updated for the youth.  And me, tee tee.
Osvaldo Cozzens
This is the most impressive letter from Samuel Barber to his mother as seeing below:\n\nDear Mother: I have written this to tell you my worrying secret. Now don't cry when you read it because it is neither yours nor my fault. I suppose I will have to tell it now without any nonsense. To begin with I was not meant to be an athlet [sic]. I was meant to be a composer, and will be I'm sure. I'll ask you one more thing.—Don't ask me to try to forget this unpleasant thing and go play football.—Please—Sometimes I've been worrying about this so much that it makes me mad (not very).
R King
No matter what form this piece is just astoundingly beautiful. But for real depth, listen to the string orchestra original version as imagined by Barber. If the conductor nails it, it is nothing less than sublime.
Rene Keller
Still one of the greatest Tracks ever
Simplemente maravilloso!
Rhaevyn Hart
One of the most moving pieces of music I've ever listened to in my life. It's so ethereal, emotionally rich and haunting. Will never tire of this.
Epic tune, just goes to show how close classical music and Trance are connected
Stephen Shields
I have no words...... \u003c3
alexandre greffier
J'adore son album ! qui n'est plus tout jeune mais parfait !
2 tracks for my funeral. This and \
First heard the original classical piece years ago when saw the movie the Elephant Man, which is heart wrenching in itself, and then have appreciated learning about its origins and other movies that have also adopted this music.
He also did a dance version that was then hijacked by Tiesto
gisella vitale
...che eleganza...
max jaguar
no comment
michelle walker
One great Funural song ...
petria michael
robert auld
clever, clever man William Orbit, so soothing music.
tomoya ayuzawa
Esta obra musical fue compuesta por Samuel Barber. William Orbit hizo el remix.
vikki hudson
classic tune, one of my favourites ever, never get tired of listening to this