Antonov 225 Mriya Departs Manchester Airport, 26th June 2013

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Antonov 225 (UR-82060) finally leaves Manchester Airport after being delayed 24 hours. The huge aircraft is seen departing runway 23L on Wednesday 26th June 2013. The aircraft certainly pulled the crowds in. Just before the Antonov crosses onto runway two, Thomson 787 Dreamliner, G-TUIC lands on 23R. The Antonov 225 is currently the largest aircraft in the world.

23l Antonov Antonov 225 Manchester Airport Mriya Thomson 787 antonov 225 Mriya

Чувствуется мощь.\nВысоту быстро набирает, красота и загляденье.
A Kasper
that thing looks like its gonna eat the emirates plane
Alam Udesky
It's really the only plane that can hold Trump,s ego.
Anthony Rain
Ukranian Baby!
Anton Bouchette
Always nice to see a great video filmed by someone who knows how to use a camera. Excellent job!!!
That is a very scary looking aircraft...
Ben Whoever
That's not a plane. It's a flying fortress.
Benedict Voon
look at this giant, is bigger than 380!!!
Chaotic Bass
It certainly looks like it defies physics, but it obviously doesn't. Somehow.
Chilean Aviation Films
Just saw this thing land in front of me an hour ago... I'm still shaking. I'm in awe.
Christian Hillman
I don't understand how an Airbus A380 can get off the ground- this is even less comprehensible
Corek BleedingHollow
How does that lift off the ground?? Unbelievable!
Crazy Funny Cats
Absolutely awesome!\n\n\nVery good video work too👍🐾\n\n
Even without cargo it’s amazing how that giant can lift into the air.
Daniel Osdinia
Masterpiece of Soviet era engineering! Can easily carry a whole city onboard! It's been in service since 1970s without one single accident.
David Johnson
Like watching a sky scraper trying to fly...
Ea Wy
Ukrainian giant 👍
Is this what someone should get after an amazing, rare catch of a good plane? 942 dislikes? No. Why do you think this person should get all these dislikes? What has he done to deserve all this? Think before you dislike, don't just go disliking because your jealous, if someone deserves none of this, don't dislike it.\nIf you see this, try not to go pressing the dislike button because of jealousy.
François Calvaresi
0:55 Antonov 225 and Airbus A380
Harshul Pandav
Results of taking Physics class seriously.
Ian H.
Almost big enough to carry Putin’s ego.
Jeffrey Williams
It always amazes me that supergiant structure (the Antonov AN-225) can get into the air.
Jodie Berry
It's a cargo plane are meant to be on top and it's the worlds largest plane
Kdr ,
It's against the physics Laws
Liam Weaver
Do these pilots grow a 6th finger for the thrust levers?
Maciej Cieslikowski
I am in love with that Plane!!! It is just great looking . Size and butty. There is only one in existence. Great job Antonow.
Marco Polo
I can't wait for the solar panel version of this plane.
Mark Muffs
You wonder how such a big thing could fly. The weight of the fuel alone in those wings must be astronomical.
Mark kurilchik
USSR power!
Mordred xz
Future commercial plane for America if we keep getting fatter.
Ukraine best
This will not be rare sight in the future. \nUkrainian aircraft designer Antonov has agreed to cooperate with a Hong Kong-based Chinese company, intending first to revive production of a partially-assembled An-225 freighter and then restore the series production. The agreement with Airspace Corporation of China signed on 30 August 2016 breathes life into the Soviet-era manufacturing programme for the world’s largest aircraft.
NotMyFirstDay Cooton
They must have burned 500 gallons just sitting at the end of the runway.
Nous Resterons La
This is what happens when you tell someone in Russia to build a plane that's big and then give them a planet size amount of Vodka. They take big literally and build a planet with wings.
O'Hare Aviation - Jay's HD Plane Spotting
If you need to watch a An-225 on YT, this is the video.
Pat Anosters
Wonder if it uses Vodka as Fuel
Patrick Bateman
It's really amazing how such an object that big even get's off the ground.
Patrick Michael
That's like flying a small island.
One of my favorite planes, great vid
SOVIET engineers knew how to build a real plane!
It looks like a train with wings 😂
Red 72
Вот он монстр из бывшего СССР,настоящий динозавр в единственном числе.....
Richard Einstein
I have flown in a C5A and I thought that was a monster.. this one is the king of air ships...
Richard Fleer
The 21st century Spruce Goose. If Howard Hughes saw this, he'd faint.
Rick Davis
Amazing piece of engineering.
Ronan Rogers
It's hard to believe it can get airborne, it seemed to struggle a bit at take off.\n\nAn absolute marvel of soviet engineering
Excellent :D Thank you.
Jesus Christ, 280tones of Soviet might incoming
Sando L
Sherzod Abdukodirov
Shirohana San
I'd have anxiety flying this plane
Sigui Tim
It's big, it's ugly, it's smoking, it's too much\nIt's awesome.
Smithsonian National Meme Archives
Heh I remember when one landed in Bangor to refuel, it was there for 3 days
Sofi Sandanata
Good Ukraine aircraft !
Anyone noticed the lightning in the front wheel the moment the pilot releases the break ??? 6:00
you see the blowing pollution there :D
The Benster
Its a real mystery how this plane can get off the ground
The Disabled Gamer
I got to see this plane years and years ago here in my city of las vegas when it was delievering a 180 ton transformer, what an incredible aircraft, you really cannot get a sense of just how extremely big this plane is until you see it for yourself in person, it's impressive.
How the hell is that elephant supposed to fly🛩
Don't stand behind it at 5:00. You'll find out what flying debris feels like in a hurricane.
Did you know: those 2 lumps on the fuselage between the wings were once used as the mounting points for the Russian Space Shuttle, The Buran!
Vaggelis Theodorou
Take off starts at 6:00 -_-
Victor. R
i like how this is about planes and the video ends on 9:11
Videospotter - Planes & Travel
Awesome Video of \
У русских бомбит почему-то.
Wacky Ninja
It amazes me that thing even gets off the ground
Wise Guy4U
The only companion that lonely plane ever had was the Buran. There is only one. Very sad. It should be a key character in a Pixar planes movie.
So erotic, futureistic, the future of space travel shall based on massive planes like this
Yevgeniy Lysenko
Made in Ukraine!
Yo Yo
Some russian music at takeoff would have been nice
[A7] Falconn
This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. The craft is gargantuan!
a random guy
I wonder how many liters of fuel is used each second on those six engines 😵
at 7:13 the dog said: when we can see another beautiful takeoff like this??
Jesus, it's like a city block grew wings and flew off!, that thing's friggin huge!.
That can't be Manchester, it's not raining.
6:00 you're welcome!
My goodness what an absolute Goliath.. It's amazing to see that thing get off the ground..the engines seem to run pretty dirty though.
don Krafter
Круг почёта. После взлёта красиво так прошёл по кругу...
Stupid question, but if this plane only carried fuel, how long could it fly for? I've heard it can lift 250 tons for 2 hours, so if all of that was fuel, it must be able to fly for very long. Right?
gena pyhh
Люди а в нем и моя частичка труда  заднее оперение (горизонтальное и вертикальное ) внутренние пилоны 3.4 двигателей , состыковка ФЮЗЕЛЯЖА на стапеле 1987 ГОД.
More than 600 tons, and flying. An engineering masterpiece and looks beautiful as well.
kukeshka Pupsik
cant believe this cow took off
lucas weijers
love how the vid is about planes and is 9:11 long
manjyot singh
Aeronautical Engineering Marvel
Слава авиаконструкторам СССР!!! После этой страны,никто ничего не придумал! Ни Украина, ни Россия! Уникальная конструкция,сделана для транспортировки Бурана.
neide silva
Is it a Diesel engine?! The smoke...holly moolly
Самолёт был спроектирован и построен в СССР на Киевском Механическом Заводе (руководитель проекта — В. И. Толмачёв) в 1984—1988 годах. Первый полёт был совершён 21 декабря 1988 года. Изначально было заложено две машины, в настоящее время один экземпляр находится в лётном состоянии и эксплуатируется украинской компанией Antonov Airlines.
omar del valle
Two giants in the minute 1:00 Antonov AN-225 and Airbus 380
I can bet that all who was at Control Tower run to windows to see its take-off ))))
They must shit themselves every take off thinking 'no way is this going to get off the ground..'
Алексей Морозов
russian monster
Андрій Макаров
Do not pay attention to the Russian idiots who write about the fact that this plane was made in the USSR. It was built in Ukraine. Then the Ukrainians restored it in the nineties. The Russians are very envious and spiteful. They themselves are not capable of producing anything like this airplane, therefore they proceed with bile. Pitiful, insignificant people ((
Константин Ка
Сергей Милевский
Красуня!!!\nТільки українці можуть побудувати таку красу а руські можуть як завжди намагатись вкрасти те що николи не було їхнім.\nДякую тобі Боже, что я Українець!!!!!
Для прочих любителей потрындеть про Рассейский космос: Государственное предприятие «Производственное объединение „Южный машиностроительный завод“ имени А. М. Макарова» (Южмаш) — крупное украинское предприятие по производству ракетно-космической техники и другой наукоёмкой продукции, расположенное в Днепре. \nВ 1983—1993 на Павлоградском механическом заводе, входившем в ПО «Южмаш», производились ракеты РТ-23 УТТХ «Молодец» для Боевого железнодорожного ракетного комплекса, стоявшего на вооружении РВСН ВС СССР и ВС России\nРакета-носитель Зенит , ракета-носитель Циклон, спутники (Днепропетровский спутник), Запуски спутников этой серии проводились с полигонов Плесецк и Капустин Яр более 20-ти лет — в период между 21 декабря 1961 года и 6 июня 1982 года. Практически все спутники этой серии получали общее название «Космос» и «Интеркосмос»\n\nПредприятие участвовало в международной программе Морской старт, производя для неё ракету-носитель «Зенит-3SL». Осенью 2014 года, после вторжения на Украину запуски ракет с платформы «Морской старт» были приостановлены. В конце декабря 2014 года вице-премьер РФ Дмитрий Рогозин заявил, что скорее всего ракеты «Зенит» больше не будут использоваться в этом проекте\n\nРакеты Р-36М типа \
Юрий Бирюков
It was made in the USSR, in 1988, in the quantity of one piece.
сноуден сноуденсин
a miracle Russian(USSR) engineering