GTA 5 SP #67 - Antonov 225 Mriya Mod (Largest Airplane In the World)

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That thing landed where i live a few years ago and the crowd around the airport was just as big as the falcon 9 launch just to see this thing takeoff
Wow I'm early
Aiden MacCracken
Can you do the airbus A321neo?
Anuj Shah
Can you do the Concorde?
Ben Aschenbrener
Blake Price
Hey like all your. Videos keep up the good work
Blank Eclipse
Love these plane vids
Bogdan Krivulya
Cool! That plane was made in my country (Ukraine)!
Jeff this plane was in Fast and the Furious 6
Cameron Brockway
Damn that lightning tho! Flying at night in that was so sick you should do some emergency landing in the water on beaches ect or some ocean rescue in storm's lol
Christian Bobbitt
Jeff you should make a bounty hunter episode
Christian Langford
Nice Jeff!!!
Dalton Shults
Where’s DOJ?
Depressed Pilot
You have to use this in DOJ and transport goods for Merryweather! (Do it in Sandy Shores to give the Cops some room for action)
Didn't see It coming
Dang love these airplane reviews
Jeff will you do more spintiers btw thanks for posting more plane videos.
Ebola Coon
Hey Jeff from what I recall; when you worked at Lambert International, didn't you put together the ramp system for the Antonov when it flew in? I remember the vlogs you used to make when you worked there, it was awesome! Love all the aviation content!
Gary Wood
Jeff favignano lspdfr is getting less interesting
What did the Airbus say to the other plane? \n\nYou’re so Boeing!! 😂....
Hassan Bardadi
20th comment
Hi Matheus
1st and hi
Jeff Do another gta 5 rp i love it
Hosea Baker
That thing is thicc
Hey Jeff, I don't know If you are already aware, but SkylineGTRFreak, put up a new aircraft mod. Its the Airbus A321neo (I flew on something similar to this but had the older engines and Sharklets). I would like to see you showcase it and hear your reactions and thoughts.
I can smell This video
You can switch restricted areas off in the f4 menu
Isaac Tan
It would be fun for this to fly around in DOJ's Sandy Shores and scare a few people.
This thing is probably as big as the Sandy Shores runway
When you went into third person while walking around the plane, it totally reminded me of when I was walking under a C-5 at Airventure. Absolutely massive.
This plane is awesome Jeff and also do you think you might possibly be able to do some Nascar Heat 2 videos on the 2018 season DLC?
JRH3221 Gaming
For those who don't know the front gears do lower down to make it easier and there is a crew area above the cargo hold. And this model is from fsx.
Jacob Roy
Hey Jeff sometime can you do another vlog video? Maybe an update on your house, or your truck, or maybe a driving around Florida vlog or something? Thanks
Jeff Favignano
JeffyFtw 377
Jeff can u go back to x-plane?
Jelly Fan zarchoo Züäß
That’s a Russian. Cargo plane
Jessica Henley
U and bugs need to do a criminal rampage shootout with cops while stealing as many police cars as possible. Like the time u guys made “police cars” and ran from them all way to city. That was awesome. Would love to see more
Joe B
Why don't you play X-Plane 11 anymore? I love it.
Hey Jeff love your vids keep up the good work :)
Joshua Purdy
What’s with the GIANT trees in grape seed and all around the base of mount chilad? One of them was in the road as well
Kannsol Ponntesson
Kenneth Huisman
Kenneth Michael
Wow Jeff that's one big bird lol how ya doing
KotaVidz Official
Ello , wonder if this can get a like
Larry Fick
The plane can actually lower front, back and both so ramp will rest on ground. The overhead crane will move full length of cargo bay, I can't remember the tonnage.
Lewis Smith
Louisiana Call Of Duty Player
Try to find the Antonov AN-124
I saw this plane close up in Charlotte, NC. I never would want to fly on it though, rough looking skin panels and the cords were visable on a tire! It also requires a crew to six to fly.
Mitchell Gant07
It really is disappointing that this plane isn’t actually to size. IRL the wheels are as tall as a full grown guy (as you would know because you’ve been around the smaller sister plane) and even though it is still huge, it’s not a correct scale.\n\nEDIT-I still love Skyline’s models. I like to go in SP and just play around with them haha
Mr.speedyelf Gaming
JESUS! That thing is huge!
Noah Hassler
I saw the airplane that carried the USA Space Shuttle back to Cape Canaveral Florida
This is an Український Ukrainian plane. (Notice the colors) Слава Україні
Nwinja 4
You should play warthunder
It’s incredible how you saw a 124 in person
Orange County Railfan Productions
I saw it at KLAX. And it looks so cool!
It carried the Soviet Space Shuttle. There's only 1 of these aircraft flying.
Patrick Star
Looks like the most obese plane
Pink Sheep
Can you do a DOJ live stream?
Prometheus UA
Made in Ukraine. (Mriya - means a dream in Ukrainian)
Recon Ghost4892
Love that plane. You should do some more DOJ criminal. Keep it up love your vids
Roman Kapitanec
jeff i am a Ukranian and that is a Ukranian jet not a Russian jet
Rose Neff
Damn... what a beast
Why have u guys stop doing code zero
Sam Edges
Can you fly that in DOJ
The GTA airplane mod videos are great, because even though I love to read up on different planes, you always seem to know something I don't! A lot of fun to learn a bit while checking out the fantastic models people make.
Shawn Prickett
its funny that the logo on the seats is the same logo as the Infiniti car brand logo lol.
Shel Do
As bored with this video, the same Jeff is bored with DOJ
Damn, it looks cool!
Stefanie Clybouw
maybe you can play together withe bay area bugs and polecat steal some cars and fly them to sandy shores to stock them in doj
Stephen Reilly
Jeff I’ve seen that plane in real life and I got the chance to go out on the runway where it was parked at Shannon airport Ireland
The Real Joseph Stalin
Good choice comrade!
Hey early squad
Travis Smith
That Ukraine paint livery is sexy!
Hey jeff favignano!
Unknown Observer
holy sht
Keep it up jeff
Van Booker
Do all cargo airplanes
Wicked Gaming
Zach Hardison
I saw this plane in person nearly two years ago when I was in Abu Dhabi. Pictures do not do this thing any justice!
anonymous person
I think the story behind this plane is amazing\nit's a really cool aircraft
b mcq
Holy shit that's big nice model
Oopo now that *THICC*
jack costello
kyle jonas
Go into the cockpit view and open the hood
matthew noss
Actually was the Ukrainian plane not Russian
Oh boy, that opening shot on that monster :o
Yes the 225
user 9
A380 and AN225 is my favorit plane. Thank for uploading both. You make it similar.
вова гребеняк
Made in Ukraine