Freddie Mercurys Final Days (1991) ***ORIGINAL VIDEO***

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If he lived in these times, things would have been so different for him. He would have been able to live an openly gay lifestyle and get married to his lover. He would have been able to adopt children if he wanted. He would have had access to HIV medication that would prolong his life to old age, etc. We lost an amazing icon and it's tragic. Thankfully, he left his music behind and we can watch, listen, and enjoy anytime we want. RIP Freddie
Aleksandra Ognjenovic
And we still love you Freddi.
Ali Khan
How sad, this man could have sung thousands of songs more but his illness took him. May he rest in peace.
Allison Snow
Freddie was an amazing human, an incredible talent & a cat fanatic!! The fact that Brian May and Roger Taylor spoke so well of Freddie so many years after he’s gone, tells us what decent people and true friends they all were. Such soft spoken men for rock stars, and so gentle in their kindness for their friend. At the time, AIDS (HIV) was a “promiscuous person’s disease”. I’m glad Roger and Brian spoke up for Freddie. RIP, still loved and still missed, nobody like him and there never will be! 💗
R.I.P 1946–1991
Andaman Production
Such a god damn legend. Can barely stand up and fucking performing. So amazing. Such an inspiration to me.
Andrea Watson
When he said i still love you that last time was like his goodbye to fans God bless his soul🙏💜
Anthony Hampton
As a black kid growing up in the 80s I remember the group Queen. Their music had no race or color it was just \
Aryaman Mehrotra
You know a certain person is a legend when he made a guy cry who was neither of his generation nor his fan but who now craves to meet him 🔥🥺
Ashley Jones
I feel like if Freddie was allergic to cats he’d still buy like 9 😂
Aswin Anil
Freddie was a motherfucking soldier. Fought the disease till the very end, still having a blast doing everything he loved, without letting his ailments pull him down. Truly as to put it in his own lyrics, he couldn't be stopped.
AungKyaw Min
having AIDS is not a crime. People need to support AIDS patients and not to avoid them. Being bi or gay is not a bad thing. I wish people stop judging people based on their sexuality. What matters is the work and cause dedicated for the good of people.
Ava Libutti
I started crying when Freddie said I still love you
Beth Griffin
Some crap about paul daniels\nRoger: What a dick! \nLmao I’m dead I love them so much they still stick up for him it’s so wonderful that they were so close. Not many bands today are like that at all
Legendary band and in my opinion the greatest front man in music history👍🇦🇺
Cara Hanna
All these fake fans saying “he’s so much more famous now..” just because they’ve seen the movie.. lies.. just lies. He’s always been king and always will be
Chanel Leota
who the hell invited paul daniels
Cheryl Simmonds Day
Wonderful brave,genius.Unforgettable! RIP sweet Freddie!
Chris Ewing
its sad. the world thought of AIDS as a \
Christopher Dale
I'am glad everyone who were his true friends talked about him in a real friend way and defended him and showed their emotions I just hope my friends talk about me in a similar way when I die
“With the right...” *hesitates* “...girl” lmao we knew u were gay dw
David Vincent
Rami was boss as Freddie. I think he could play Prince also.
Paul Daniels... what a conceited knob. RIP Freddie, you`re sadly missed.
Dog and the dutchee Records
I wasn’t introduced to queens music properly when I was young, I knew their songs and always liked them, I just didn’t know they were by queen. I’m a huge fan of their music and seeing him at the end made me cry. Those people who said that he deserved to die must be a big fool. Freddie was a great man and he should be respected. He’s writing song in heaven now \u003c:)
A true legend never really dies, just leaves their body. ❤️❤️❤️
Fabio Wrobel
When I was a child, I was like 5 years old and my parents gave me their old television and a dvd player. They also gave me the DVD from the famous Live and Wembley Stadium concert. I literally heard it all day everyday when I was young. I loved every song, his voice, the famous guitar sound, his performance on the stage, everything. I think a couple of years later I asked my mom if i can get tickets to see him live. My Mom told me that he was dead atleast 15 years. I was really sad. I could not realise that I would never see him live. My mom even told me why he died but I was too young to get it then. Years went by and I still listen to Queen almost everyday. I saw this youtube videos saying \
Frank Miranda
The disease really made him so ill. So sad that he died. RIP FREDDY MERCURY
Freddie Mercury
It makes me wonder what music would be like if he didn’t die so soon. How much Queen would’ve shaped the future even more so than they already have. It’s so sad that they had to go through this..
Freddie Mercury is the best
R.I.P Freddie I wish you were still alive
Freddy Fazbear
I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike\n\n\n\n\n\n\n*to help me stop crying*
Future Ravenclaw Student
At the Live Aid concert, I looked at him (watching a video) and I couldn’t tell he was sick. Freddie wasn’t sick until his very last days. And I honestly believe that.
Garrett Goerl
All I know is that there better be a scene in Bohemian Rhapsody where he's talking on the phone to one of his cats.
Gary Stevens
Saw them twice, 1977 & 1979 in Montreal. In 77 after the show, I was walking home along the back of the Forum when the garage doors open and a limo comes out. Stops right in front of me with the back window half down. Freddie says straight to my face \
Freddie Mercury did say do whatever u want with my music just never make me boring and I think we will ever show him boring he was an extraordinary singer and he did say never cry of me when u listen to my music I was u to dance and sing to it that’s what I exactly do I show his legacy proud and I’m not scared to sing his music in public to show that he was the one almighty singer called FREDDIE MERCURY. I LOVE U FREDDIE AND I WOULD OF LOVED TO MEET U!!!
In His Service
I still love you....
The most respected gay and talented man on the planet.
Janette B
One reporter summed it up the best: \
Justsaying something
I'm crying my eyes out. Man.. how can you miss someone you never knew? I was one when he died (I'm 28 now) and just recently learned more about Freddie since watching Bohemian Rhapsody and he seemed to be an amazing, carring and wonderful human being who wanted to share his gift to world untill the bitter end \u003c3
Absolute respect for Brian and Rodger for sticking up for him.
Kai Gim
He's even more popular now even though he's not us anymore..the movie brought me here 😢
Kasey Ray
Freddie, cat dad of the year, relatable af
Kate _
🕯Legends Never Die 🕯
Kimberly Lenahan
This man loved life and his cats..Rip Freddie and his fur babies💗
Kimmy Q
lets build a time machine and take freddie back.
King Jack
*gross sobbing*\nWhat a legend \nI would have loved to meet him or see a live show
Kira McKay
Man Brian and Roger loved Freddie so much and the way they stood up for him was truly amazing
Lauren Elizabeth
When your dad had a tattoo of Freddie and was a HUGE mega fanboy you just go around watching every queen vid possible 💕 RIP Dad 💖RIP Freddie 💕
Leidy Gutierrez
Inmortal por siempre Freddie Mercury
I hate seeing that unseen footage, because it's just one more reminder that he was dying. To me, he looks like death personified in that video. It hurts my heart to see him like that. :(
Lorraine Zammit
you are,so great freddie love you
Lucifer Alpha
Freddie Mercury is proof that there is no such thing as \
Mads Herrera
if Freddie lived was still alive:\n1. He would be able to live his very own lifestyle without getting so much backlash\n2. His disease would not be such a problem due to all the medication we have now\n3. Instead of listening to people slurring over a just terrible beat, everyone would be obsessing over iconic bands such as Queen
Man of beard
I still remember the morning after he passed away when it was announced on the radio. It was a genuine punch to the gut. One of the very few times in life when you grieve for a person who you never personally knew, yet was so universally adored by so many people from all walks of life. I think that in itself is a glowing tribute to a man that through the power of music and showmanship, can unite the masses under one banner. Still sadly missed even now. RIP Freddie, your were and still are loved by so many people.
Marcus Freitas
the greatest rock singer ever. never forgotten. always missed.
Tbh today’s music is shit compared to this ❤️\nToday’s artists only use auto tune and they don’t even write their own songs. \nBut Freddie although he was diagnosed with Aids he was still strong and still kept writing songs “Show Must Go On” and more ❤️\nIt was such a bad thing to lose such an amazing artist.\nPeople really loved him, and he really loved all his fans.\nWe miss you Freddie,\nWe really really do ❤️\nI miss you so fricking much 😭❤️
Mia Mcfadden
When he said “I did too many movements” at the end....... 😩 I still love you Freddie, we all do!💔💔
Michael Asquith
Where have the last 27 years gone, since the death of Freddie Mercury ?. It has gone really fast. He was a flamboyant, charasmatic, legendary, brave, and courageous frontman. I just wished that, he was still alive, and he would have given his own personal feedback, on Bohemian Rhapsody, the film. In my humble opinion, I think that, he would have loved Bohemian Rhapsody, the film. RIP Freddie, Mr and Mrs Bulsara, and Freddie's partner, Jim Hutton. We still love you, Freddie. 😥❤
Freddies voice was not from ths earth, God has speaks to us thrue him. \nFreddie will be forever immortal in our hearts...
Molly Schulhoff
When he said “I love you” near the end, the look in his eyes was the most, sincere, loving look any person could ever give you. And when he said that,you could hear a little quiver in his voice that made it sound like he was about to cry. In his final months you could see he lost weight, and if you just listen to Brian May’s voice during the interview, you could tell that was a very sensitive topic for him. And honestly I don’t think he should not be sensitive about it because that was one of his best friends, heck my mom is sensitive about Freddie. Just Freddie was a music idol, and to lose someone like him is truly heartbreaking, long live Freddie. RIP Freddie Mercury September 5, 1946- November 24, 1991.\n\nedit: thanks for all the likes!!
Northern Ninja Runner
He looked so ill at the end. RIP Freddie still missed in 2018
Roger with his baby face until now
Pat Pendlebury
Listening to queen. Any one out the with me 😢😢😙😙
Paul Dean
Freddie mercury the greatest rock star, To ever grace this earth, God bless, sleep tight.
Preston Breen
Paul Daniels is going to hell
Prydera23 Exists
What a beautiful human being. We love you freddy! 😭😢
I can't thank you all enough for the amount of support put into this video, and to the channel for the life and death of Freddie Mercury! You guys are so amazing!
Rain Is My Aesthetic
When he was with Mary's son, my heart just melted. I bet he was so sweet, kind, and he was so generous to give us his now appreciated work and his personality is just so sweet! He seemed like a caring man and that's all that should matter! People, let the man Rest In Piece instead of giving him a bad name!\nSorry, but I just love Queen and Freddie Mercury. Actually, I'm not ashamed to say that I'm on Queen fever! Queen Forever! \nRest In Peace, Freddie Mercury. May your heart and soul be in our hearts forever.
Halfway through I started tearing up after seeing the complexion of his face.
Raquel Muela
did this video make anybody else cry? 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Saw him at live aid with my wife at the front row, best day I've had since my marriage. I feel so bad about how the media stalked him. He deserved his privacy.
Sapphire Darkstar
This is why I am so happy they made a movie based on Queen. Freddy didn't choose or want anything bad for his future as far as his wild lifestyle was. It was badly influenced by the wrong people. If he had more of a choice and wasn't under so much pressure, he probably could have led a better life. But in the entertainment industry, there is always deception from somebody and a lot of pressure from the media trying to buy out a growing legend. In that business, they only care about business profit when the band is in it for the love of music and sharing it to the world. We can't change what's been done, but others can surely learn from history. We lost a talented man and he will forever remain a legend! Excuse my language, but to all the dickheads that said they couldn't make it will forever be proven wrong. Because not only did they push through all the haters, Queen became what the haters can never be for eternity. Queen became a legend. Love Queen \u003c3 Respect to Freddie Mercury! Long Live Queen Music!
Freddie is a legend. He did so much good in his life. We love him and we are always going to love❤️
Sho Kaisako
I like cats too 🙏 rest in piece Freddie Mercury. 🙏
Stephen Shields
No doubt that Freddie went to heaven
Susan Hubbard
Freddie Mercury didn't die. He merged with the music of the universe.
Thais Bryant
27 years latter... WE STILL LOVE YOU, FREDDIE.
27 YEARS TODAY 24/11/1991, RIP
Where the hell can I buy that cat vest?
The bond that he had with his band mates was beautiful. They didn’t judge him for being gay or contracting the AIDS virus, they loved him and treated him no differently 😭😍😭
TheIrishBean b
His cat shirt. \n\nOh\nMy\nGod
Imagine the music he would have made if they had the medications back then that they do today. It’s sad to think about. People live so much longer with HIV today. And the press loves to tear people apart when they are no longer able to defend themselves. He didn’t put up with shit from the press when was alive. He had some of the best comebacks.
Tiffany Hendrix
When he looks up and whispers, “I still love you.” 😭💔
Freddie was a thousand times more magical than Paul Daniels.
“He had more concern about his cats, then most human contact” retweet? 🤣
Ulan Djenaliev
Freddie is the greatest musician and singer of our time.
He actually looks pretty healthy at the start here ......considering what he was battling
abhinav tripathi
It is so painful to see how frail he looked during his final days.. considering he was the most dynamic live performer of all times...
contribution to British music???? more like contribution to humanity!
Freddie looked so tired towards the end, no matter how strong he was, illnesses always take a toll on the body physically. But one thing that makes me smile is the fact that he was doing what he loved right until the end: making music. Rest In Paradise Freddie
So many tears... we still love you.
n hhh
1 like =2 more years Freddie Mercury should have lived
Spoiler #### long commentl--- lol ### read on, pls ;)\n\nThe first time I ever heard about AIDS and homosexuals was when Freddie died. I was 9 at the time. Living in Romania (we'd just escaped communism-(1989) when the censorship was really harsh- a true void of information) I remember hearing mom and uncle talking : \
Tears, tears, tears. Dear Freddie, I still love you.
Anybody watching this video after watching ''Bohemian Rhapsody''? :')
Rami Malek did an awesome job portraying Freddie in the movie.
I'm 56 and have z it from there first song. FREDDIE WILL BE BIGGER THAN ANY GOD YOU BELIEVE IN.. bigger than Elvis the Beatles Hendrix and any others.and he's still missed...
shalom pachuau
Growing up in India, in the eighties, when girls were not supposed to listen to this kind of music or girls my age didn't listen to it,.I was hooked to bohemian raphsody, bicycle race etc etc, I still can sing bohemian raphsody fr beginning to the end. I feel good to know that Freddy mercury still lives in the heart of many.
Who even is Paul Daniels ???? 😂😂
Freddie is the biggest music legend fight me