Freddie Mercurys Final Days (1991) ***ORIGINAL***

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A Revenant In The Nine Circles of Elysium
If you think about his death wasn't tragic at all. He lived how he wanted to live and lived a live many could only dream of. Sure he died young, but he died living his life his way. Today he's an Icon and has accomplished what only a hand full of musicians could ever wish to accomplish. Queen's music will live for generations to come.
I hope you are in haven Freedie. You were only human. Like all of us you made mistakes but who didn’t? I dont believe that such a good person could finish with devil. Rest in peace
Alexa Lamantea
When they asked if he would like children and he said with the right girl..that gave me chills
Andrea Lugo
Who’s here after bohemian rhapsody? 😩😭
Andy 15
If you’re going through tough times with your sexuality, be proud, be loud because there is only one you 💞
Annie Peng
Anthony Hampton
As a black kid growing up in the 80s I remember the group Queen. Their music had no race or color it was just \
Autumn Season
There, but for the grace of God go I.\n\nWhat happened to Freddie, could have happened to any one of us. And, if you think you are too perfect for disease to touch you, think again.\n\nJudgement is mine sayeth the Lord.\n\nNone of us are perfect. Freddie was a man. He gave us the gifts of his voice, and music that came from his heart, and soul.\n\nTo anyone thinking of leaving negative comments,\nDo not rain on the love parade, that we are having for Freddie Mercury.\n ♥️♥️♥️♥️\n REST IN PEACE \n FREDDIE \n MERCURY \n ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Bailey Lloyd
I remember watching the trailer for Bohemian Rapsody at the cinema wih my friend. We were talking about how much of a ledgend Freddie was, and I said I'm sad that I never could see him live, as I'm 15 and wasn't born when queen was around. I don't listen to modern music, but my friend does and she turned to me and said \
Berto González
Does anyone know where did this extract came? I mean, which BBC documentary.
Bike Cycle
To think if he had that diagnosis now, he would live an almost full life in relatively good health. The first people who got AIDs were the real unlucky ones.
Brian Brooking
Don’t worry, last time I saw Paul Daniels he was trying to escape from a box...... (too soon)
Brian Morley
A total one off what a showman Queen were the classiest group ever.
BundesRepublic Murica
Wow awesome piece of work. I remember hearing that Freddie had died while driving my beloved mustang convertible for the first time after coming home from Kuwait after Desert Storm. I had to pull over and park on the shoulder while I cried for a bit. He was the most amazing performer that we had seen in the Eighties and gave me hope for the future.
Cam D
So friggin sad.
Charlie C
Chian 85
I was never particularly a queen fan. Was dragged along to watch bohemian rhapsody at the movies and all I can say have to admire the absolute genius that Freddie Mercury was. In life I use the word genius sparingly but he most certainly deserves it. RIP
CynthiaSantovena CynthiaSantovena
I remember when he died and all could do the next day was cry at school while ignorant people said he brought on himself..Days later on November 27, I am still crying and my best friend comes by to wish me a Happy Birthday and give me a card. All I could do was cry in a very deep low bellow on the side walk while holding the card not caring it was my birthday but sad that Freddie passed the previous Sunday. It was the first time I cried like that in front of people..In fact, that was the first time I cried like that in private or public
Daisy Arios
Paul Daniels can take his magic and make himself disappear 🤣
Danny Wright
Greatest front man that has ever lived
David Adkins
i grew up listening to queen,and still do,Freddy Mercury will always be missed,but never forgotten,RIP Mr. Mercury
Donald's daughter
He really did love cats
Eric Greyson
Frank Lyons
Paul class, you piece of garbage. Love you, live forever!! ❤❤
Frank Miranda
The disease really made him so ill. So sad that he died. RIP FREDDY MERCURY
Garrett Goerl
All I know is that there better be a scene in Bohemian Rhapsody where he's talking on the phone to one of his cats.
Gary Stevens
Saw them twice, 1977 & 1979 in Montreal. In 77 after the show, I was walking home along the back of the Forum when the garage doors open and a limo comes out. Stops right in front of me with the back window half down. Freddie says straight to my face \
Gay Family Values
The music will live forever
Georgina Tan
QUEEN is the greater than blackpink
Hblock 204
Wow. I've never seen him the way he was near the end. It pains me to see that
Iron Snowflake
I love you Freddie ♥👑♠
J3EF _
Who’s here after Bohemian Rhapsody?
Massive loss to the music world.....
You could tell he gained some weight and then noticeably started losing more and more.\nEdit: omg thank you so much for 1.2k, this is the most likes I've ever gotten on a comment!
I don’t care what kind of lifestyle you lead. If you’re not hurting anyone, you’re happy, and you’re living your full life, NO ONE has the right to tell you you’re dirty and undeserving of life and love!! Rest In Peace Freddie Mercury!! Way ahead of his time, he was.
Jasmine Artates
It aws all pauls fault 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡it not paul mcartney LOL. He broke his image that's why he was gay.
Jen _29
Why cant music now be like the 70s and 80s...the music now just sucks 😭😭
Jennifer Barksdale
He was a wonderful human being may he rest in peace
JessNo Mo Nasabi
Farewell My Idol 🙁🇵🇭🇵🇭
Jimmy Pinet Scritchfield Winchell
Love from Texas...Bohemian Rhapsody movie is flawless.
Joey David
27 years later there's pill to prevent what he had.
Kasey Ray
Freddie, cat dad of the year, relatable af
Kasha Brown
❤️ He fought so hard in spite of that illness😢
Katy Brandes
I'm with Freddie - I would much rather be around cats than people!
Konrad Bogacz
The gratest artist in a world
Lejon Forrest
Wow I really miss him. I think if he was still alive music would be great again. The singers would have competition.
Lilith Devon Rex
Five years after he died they discovered the drug combination that kept hiv sufferers alive. Such a shame
8:24 \u003c3
Lucifer Alpha
Freddie Mercury is proof that there is no such thing as \
Luis López González
WTF is doing nardole on this LOL
Margie Jones
So sad how the media slanders and tries to destroy good people sometimes. I love Freddie, always will and people like him who deserve all the love in the world. Bless his bandmates for being the kind awesome good people they are.
Lol... Paul Daniels. What a twat.
Melissa Nevarez
I need to watch the movie now 🙏🏽
Freddies voice was not from ths earth, God has speaks to us thrue him. \nFreddie will be forever immortal in our hearts...
I love how some people can look at this person... and the first thing they see is a gay guy, instead of an amazing talent that was part of a group that gave the world timeless music and entertainment. Every one has shortcomings. everyone is different. everyone sees life their way. Ill take one Freddy over 100 politicians, community \
Music Love
The press hounded Freddie and truthfully his lifestyle wasn't anyone's business but Freddie's. \n\nYou can hear the pain and sadness still in May's voice. Missing his friend and bandmate. Freddie was a true rock star and will always be a legend. RIP
Paul Daniels... what a conceited knob. RIP Freddie, you`re sadly missed.
Anyone here after watching bohemian rhapsody in cinema?
Nuno Machado
The day he died I had a test at school. Anthropology. I was very good at it. I failed miserably. I didn't care. I went home, locked myself in my room and just devoured Queen records. I could not understand how life was supposed to go on. That void is still there. He was Absolutely Superb🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Pris Ruiz
It makes me wonder what music would be like if he didn’t die so soon. How much Queen would’ve shaped the future even more so than they already have. It’s so sad that they had to go through this..
Feels like Brian May still carries some sort of sorrow in his voice
I can't thank you all enough for the amount of support put into this video, and to the channel for the life and death of Freddie Mercury! You guys are so amazing!
Rain Is My Aesthetic
When he was with Mary's son, my heart just melted. I bet he was so sweet, kind, and he was so generous to give us his now appreciated work and his personality is just so sweet! He seemed like a caring man and that's all that should matter! People, let the man Rest In Heaven instead of giving him a bad name!\nSorry, but I just love Queen and Freddie Mercury. Actually, I'm not ashamed to say that I'm on Queen fever! Queen Forever! \nRest In Peace, Freddie Mercury. May your heart and soul be in our hearts forever.
I really love how much he loved his cats. ❤️
Robi Bianchi
I still love you too ❤️
Rojan Dale
When I watched the movie yesterday, I felt like I was part of the crowd and I can't myself not to sing along. It felt amazing, to be honest I really don't know anything about Freddie except just for the Bohemian Rhapsody song. And I never regret giving this movie a shot since this year I got attracted to musical films like Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again and A Star Is Born. Lady Gaga and Rami Malek deserves a nomination for their roles.
Saw him at live aid with my wife at the front row, best day I've had since my marriage. I feel so bad about how the media stalked him. He deserved his privacy.
His voice, even with aids.\nWas\nThe best I’ve ever heard\nRest In Peace.\nWe’ll never forget you.
Shan _
Look at his face at 6:18 and 7:49... man AIDS is no joke 😭 protect yourselves people. \nEdit: And to think that in that condition he did The Show Must Go On... truly iconic 👌🏾
Sheri Patterson
Just saw the movie. Brought back great memories. I loved it!! RIP Freddie!!! Will always love Queen!!!
Slick Mic
Freddie Mercury just look so bad when he contracted AIDS virus a true genius and a fantastic singer R.I.P. Mr Freddie Mercury
Sonya Mckay
You rule .love queen always in my heart Freddie
Steve Halslavik92
Some things can and will never be replaced, that voice. Timeless, legendary.
This man here was awesome and amazing, he had hard breathing when he was younger and because of his teeth and he had aids but guess what?! He sang so well in the last songs and concerts and even if I wasn’t there I know they are always great songs no matter what...!
Susan Hubbard
Freddie Mercury didn't die. He merged with the music of the universe.
Love Queen !!!!!!!!!!!
TL Pricescope
Why the fudge do all of the GOOD musicians have to die?
Tariq FOX
Damn do I miss Freddie (crying) so much! And I heard that you could have been SAVED!!
Temp Ace
Matt Lucas!
Tender Lemon
What a fucking legend ending with that cat shirt, god I love it! We miss you so much Freddie! What a goddamn jewel was lost.
The bond that he had with his band mates was beautiful. They didn’t judge him for being gay or contracting the AIDS virus, they loved him and treated him no differently 😭😍😭
Mercury was platinum.
Victor Ortega
It's crazy that some of the sickest 80s n 70s bands where some flamboyant and it was gangsta ass fuhhh...I wonder if Mercury would have said nah I'm gay...respect yo
axl lewelewe
Your body is gone,but your soul keepin' alive.\nAs A Legend,A man with work harder and truly talent.\nRest by peace in heaven,fred.\nFrom your fans in Indonesian.
wow after hearing brian may talk in real life the guy playing him in the movie really nailed the role.
heaven pina
His jawline could cut diamonds.\n\n\n\n\n\n\nFor all yall who get hurt by this comment I meant before the aids, he had an amazing facial structure ...
ima troll you
Paul Daniels what an absolute fuking nob of a man!!!!
jade jeffree
Bloody legend.R.I.P darling.
Freddie looked so tired towards the end, no matter how strong he was, illnesses always take a toll on the body physically. But one thing that makes me smile is the fact that he was doing what he loved right until the end: making music. Rest In Paradise Freddie
keep on truckin cabover
In the end it doesn't even matter L.P. RIP TOO ALL THE LEGENDS WHO WE HAVE LOST💔💔💔
mark harbour
Not a big fan of Queen and speaking as a straight, white male (shocking), there has never been, nor will there ever be a better front man than Freddie Mercury.
misti calvitti
On the anniversary of his one year of passing. I was a senior in high school, I handed out AIDS ribbons in tribute to him. In 1992 in Oklahoma, I ended up have to go to the principals office due to promoting “sex and stuff.”
mitzi spicer gilliam
I love Freddy and I \
This made me feel so sad... To think how much harder patients had it back then. How brave of him to continue going despite his discomforts and weaknesses. RIP
Anybody watching this video after watching ''Bohemian Rhapsody''? :')
no name
Freddie lives!
scott Finer
We miss you Freddie hope you’re in heaven now. RIP a phenomenal legend.
sean Hudson
Is voice was still amazing till the end.
shaun davies
He looked so ill at the end. RIP Freddie still missed in 2018
Paul Daniel's had about as much class as a potato there!