Reggie Miller 8 points in 9 seconds

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This video is property of the NBA and is being shown for entertainment purposes only.One of the biggest chokes in NBA history was performed by the New York Knicks during Game 1 of the 1995 Conference Semifinals.

Adam Forman
Reggie Miller has to be right up their with Larry Bird as probably the 3 most aware players on the basketball court and the urgency to take over a game situation in a matter of seconds. Too bad he spent his entire career in Indiana. If he had been a Celtics, Laker or Knick. Reggie Miller would be talked about as one of the Top 5 players of all time . This guy could do it all on the court. Such an intelligent basketball player. The only other player I can think of that had the presence of mind to run back to the 3 point line to change the outcome of a game was Ray Allen's game winning 3 point shot in game 6 of the 2013 Finals Miami Heat v.s. the San Antonio Spurs. High IQ basketball players. Not many in today's NBA !
Alejandro Guillen
Spike Lee disliked this video 62 times lol
Alexander Kevin
Thats nice, but theres 48 min basketball.
Andre Coachman
I wish the NBA will be like this I see more politics than basketball.
Andrew Pestotnik
I know the Pacers never won a championship, but is there a real reason outside of that as to why none of the Pacers teams that Miller was on are in 2K?
Atrain973 main4life386
No Call on the push from Reggie ? Wow. It was Always like that in NY . Referees never gave any calls to the Knicks in the Garden and they're playing in the Garden.
T macs 13 points in 33 seconds was better
Basedworld soulja
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Bay Boy Den
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Splash father
Bob Jones
Man Knicks really love to choke
Breeze Easy
NY choked
Chad Hoy
I love this so much, and it saddens me that it will never happen again because of how soft the league is. The Knicks player clearly tripped both times, but it would've been a foul on somebody now a days because these refs are idiotic.
Charlie Brown
One of the worst nights for be a Knicks fan,I remember I break my !!!!
Chase Gamer TV
Tracy McGrady 13 points in 35 seconds was FAR more impressive.. and this here was VERY impressive. That is how super human that effort by Tracy McGrady was. It was truly a once in a lifetime type of play. and the fact we all got to witness it... this was in the playoffs sure.. but it wasn't as exciting to me as Derek Fishers .03 to beat the Spurs I think or a whole host of other plays. But the Tracy McGrady moment might be one of the single greatest clutch performances in NBA history. 
Christian Twitty
Did dis dude just did dis?
Clarence Parker III
Knicks were never the same after this game
I will never forget this game....biggest upset in NY BBall History
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Coop Jones aka coopj23
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Cydnee Say
And I still remember when everybody was booing him in drafts because he was picked to go to the Pacers. Ha. What do you have to say now?
Daniel Holley
Grew up watching basketball during this great era. Huge Bulls fan, so I loathed Reggie Miller. I remember watching this game live. Much as I hated Miller, I couldn't help but acknowledge this as the greatest thing I'd ever seen in the sport.
Darian Coleman
God damn Greg Anthony did he have skates on??
Dark Wing
Awesome highlights, but....... how many rings for Reggie? MJ = 🐐
David Grant
I was so angry at Reggie for a long time for this. But now I see it was the Knicks that made dumb mistakes, and the Pacers just capitalized. Talk about flopping at the end of a game.
You can't compare a regular season clutch performance to a playoff performance.  Sure no one would be talking about Reggie Miller's 8 points in 8 seconds if T-Mac scored 13 points in 35 seconds in the playoffs where the pressure is brutal.
Diego A. Garcia
RIP Mason
Dom Panic
It's crazy how all this happened in less then 3 minutes with no timeouts being called.
Eddie Hawn
One of the best games in Pacers history. BOOM, BABY!
Elevator Elliot
On his second three pointer he so fouled to steal the ball
Eric Frazier
Mr.Choke John starks
Franky Boy
pause at 2:09, new wallpaper!
GGG RedOrigin
2:42 you can here Reggie scream choke artist
2 missed free throws by Starks and Ewing missed the rebuound - Knicks deserved to lose this one. Miller didn't cause those missed opportunities.
George Krontiris
Aaaaah, classic NY Knicks.
Hunter M
Anyone else here from looking up \
Reggie Killer
Jay Zinho
Why did Ewing take the shot ???
Jazzimus Prime
1:39 - The closest Pat Riley ever came to losing his cool
Joey M
I'd still love to know who Oakley was passing it to when Greg Anthony stumbled.
John Layton
Did dis dude jus did dis?
Jonathan Akerele
I bet you Riley lit up that locker room like an angry father coming home from a double shift with a messy house and a bunch of spoiled kids, armed with his belt ready to take action! Wapoosh! Bet he didn't even yell at first, just stared straight at Greg! A cold stair from your head coach after a collapse like what his team did would be more than enough to bring the shame without him even having to open his mouth! Sometimes silence when angry can cause more tension than yelling and screaming! =)
Joseph Porter
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This is the Knicks in a nutshell.
Patrick Ewing looks like he drinks banana flavored Gatorade
Kev Hermon
great as all know Reggie was still think he's underrated, as a shooter. he was money.
before curry , there was Reggie Miller .
Michael Sloane
Happy 19th anniversary Reggie Miller. May 7th 1995.
This was the best era of basketball no lob city stuff, real bball.
ModernWorld Expert
Curry who?
this tops anything Jordan ever did.
New England
Lonzo can score 8 points in 0.09 seconds - Lavar
He learned that from Cheryl
This is nothing; LeBron bit his fingernails 22 times in 7 seconds.
Greatest play in NBA history , I was around to watch it live back then
Ralph Rebosura
wrong information i think its 11.2 seconds not 9 seconds xD
Razatiger Ault
impressive, but tracys' was better
Ricky Rodriguez
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Rob Hansen
Reggie pushed Greg Anthony \nBad NO call
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Long live Miller the Knick Killer. I remember like it was yesterday, holding my breath, screaming at the TV \
Son Of Bukowski
Like some people with the JFK assassination I remember exactly where I was when this happened.
Steven McHale
MILLER TIME BABY! cant believe he still never won a title.. he deserved it. #PacersNation 
2:07 lol that rebound
Super Game Jerks
4th best 2 guard all time. Behind MJ, Wade and Harden
Tee Jay
Always love that the missed shot comes back to Anthony lying on the ground. Sort of poetic.\nMaybe there was a little 'choke' in there. But there was a whole lot more Reggie Miller.
Oh how I love the 93/94 and 94/95 seasons. I remember recording these games on my VCR at 2 AM (Netherlands), and the channel that had them on had a porn movie just before the game started. I started recording 30 minutes before the live game, only to find out I had my porn piece but not the end of the game because the tape was 3 hours max LOL.
This is one of the craziest things I've ever witnessed live. And keep in mind Starks was one of the best foul shooters in the league. This was twilight zone.
Those Rejected Idiots
this reminds me of like 2k lmao. when you losin and you start cheesin from the 3
Knicks been choking since the dawn of time
Tommy Z
Reg must've given those refs some pretty good head at halftime
Tony Harris
ChaseMoney sent me😂😂
Trevor Adams
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Trigg Wolf
The worst day in Knicks History!!!!!
Tyeisha McAfee
lol I know Reggie use to get on Starx nerves LOL miss 90s bball
Tyreek Foster
This shit would never fly in today's NBA \nBasketball turned into a panzie sport
The #1 Knick-killer of all time is Michael Jordan. #2 may be Reggie Miller.\n\n#3 is John Starks.
Vaidy Krishnan
greg anthonys worst night.....before today
Did this dude just did this?
Wheezee W
The amount of head-scratching plays in this clip is incredible.  Smitch needlessly fouling Starks.  Starks borking both free throws.  Ewing going for the shot with 9 seconds left, not pulling it out for a last shot attempt.  Anthony running out the clock by doing a crab dribble to the deck.\n\nOnly Miller had the MSG moxie to do anything right in this clip.\n\nOh and pause at 2:08 for Mark Jackson's derpy jump celebration.
He actually scored 8 points in 2minutes and 45 seconds. *bud ump sss*
Z Channel
I thought he was supposed to give Spike Lee the choke face?
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bURg Fuzz
Greg Anthony was worthless. He fell twice in the end. Smh. Gotta love when the Knicks choke. Go Pacers!
ej zen
Fkin Starks.. Come on man
Knicks. Jaja!
I looked up \
Thank you SO MUCH. I have looking for this vid FOR YEARS...
This game has always made me wonder, what if the Knicks had drafted Reggie Reg in 1987? What would have happened? Instead of being the Kryptonite to Ewing's Superman, what if Reg had been the Robin to Patrick's Batman under the bright lights of Gotham?
The year of nba jam t.e.
reggie43 !
If Jordan had made this play like Reggie did,the nba would show the replay every week and would never let it die. This is one of the greatest plays in the history of the nba
It's ok Knicks fans. Karma worked its wonders because Reggie Miller never finished his career with a ring either..
Starks was such a massive choker.
T-Mac 13 points in 35 seconds is still the best
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