Giant Antonov An-225 Mriya Takes off Just!!!

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Holy Shit she's coming!! Head-on Take off of the Largest cargo plane in the World from Doncaster

Antonov An-225 Mriya (Aircraft Model)

what a monster
Akhil AKT
most insane plane
Aleksander Johannesen
The sound.. holy shit
Archana Singhal
very well captured! amazing how much the wings lift from when it's stationary to in the air.\nI captured her landing yesterday, first time I've seen it and was gobsmacked at how massive she is.\ncheckout the last video on my channel\nPaul
Ari Stotle
Very nice!...A truly beautiful piece of engineering & I'm sorry I missed it, if I'd known it was coming I'd have certainly been there too!
Bee be Cee
What a graceful take off for something so huge like that. \nBrilliant engineering.
Ben Sashko
U stopped watching when they said its name Mriya is \
only the russians
Boy Trent
fueled partly by unicorn tears. :)
Canadian Aviation Films
Captain Goomba
It is terrifying to see a plane with a wingspan the length of a football field, and the lifting capability of a U.S. C-5 and a half, taking off so quickly! Hot damn.
That is one big humongous titanic-like HUGE extremely beastly super large gigantic MF plane! lol 😂😂😝😝
Chris 'Tricky' Deacon
Nice video as usual Elwyn but whoever's scanner that is they need to change the close call setting to get rid of the sound cutting out every 3 seconds
Col Chamings
I can't believe the amount of chemtrails in the sky. Are people that stupid they can't see or don't know what they are spraying into our air supply?
Comet Ghost
My favorite plane of all time, how i wish i could see him (king of the skies) take off and fly IRL
its rare how you found that singular plane?!
Daniel Leyva
look at all those Chem trails
Daniel M
That's a lot of chemtrails. That's not good.
Devon Trains 43
The amount of pollution tho jeez
Drooling Guy
That is one insane plane
Ed' Simulator's
Omg, this video is just!!!
Galileo Gaming
Good lord that wall of smog behind it...\n\n\n\nYup that's Russian.
Gean Silva
Muito show!
Glossy Aperta
Badass plane 😎🤙
Gregg Smith
Im glad they fly better than they drive
Harraz Masri
How many knots does it takes to take off?
Hermes Almeida
Maravilha, impressionante cara
the takeoff sound is very very nice. I love antonov 225 engine sounds
Josh Bridges
Look at all the fumes that outdated P.O.S. Is pouring into our atmosphere.
KING- Sydney
that was one heavy bugger nice video subscribbed:)SubBack?:)
Kamil M.
If it isn't beautiful than I don't know what is...
Leonardo Tullio
Maravilhoso !!!!! 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
Love2 Explore
Luke Mckenzie
It's amazing how something so large and so heavy can just take off so seemingly effortlessly
Matthew Blom
The scale of this aircraft is almost unfathomable, amazing. China is buying the 2nd one eh?
Max's Roblox Lift Plane and plane Channel.
How can the giant fit in the tiny Doncaster?
bierze olej skurwysyn bo kopci !
Mountain West Highways
Just imagine putting 6 GE-90s on that thing!!!
dem emissions
Nuff Nuff
@Elwyn R Where do you get these videos from? You work at an airport or something?
Olavi Heikkilä
How does that thing fly? :D
Piontro Pechetrini
See the lot of chem trails in the Sky, they keep poisoning the world.
Piss Kakk
Antonov an 225 mriya has 4-6 pilot..
Please pardon my vernacular, but that is one fig bucking aeroplane!! Too bad it's only one of a kind. I believe that there is another but it exists merely as a non-completed airframe.
Sim Klay
That plane is so unnecessary
Simon Collett
Great video and excellent take off, gutted i couldn't make it.
Great video mate!!
Trish Pauley
Nice ChemTrails :-O
Tyler Wright
what frequency was you on
Unknown Media
This is the same place the topfleya filmed
Vũ Minh Khôi
The an 225 is probably a bit quieter than the a380 innit
Zarubezhom Zarubezhom
This is USSR production 30 year ahead of time\nFirst flight 21 December 1988
Zephyr Wu-Zucker
they probably had to use full flaps
bimo herwantoro
That plane is so scary...
0:40 to 0:50 jesus christ
Made in Ukraine!
Super eingefangen! Fantastisch! Von Doncaster ist sie nach Leipzig und ich habe die Landung und auch den Start. Hier haben sehr viele Leute zugesehen. ;-)
That take off looks short for such aircraft: i belive the aircraft was with light cargo...
Watch on you tube \
marvelous ! i see this monster one time in flight at le bourget !
I'm wondering. It has 6 engines... what kind of thrust are each of those engines producing? If Antonov has some kind of deal for Boeing's newest GEnx engines, would the engine count go down and thus offer even more lifting capability?
What's up with all the chemtrails?
shuntian wang
that is a lot of air pollution
stephen betteridge
I was more amazed by the amount of chemtrails in the sky!!!!
I live very near an international airport, and one day one of these planes took off while I was just arriving to work. The deep roar of those six enormous engines alone told me I better have a look and see what the fuss was all about. I never even heard of the plane before that day, and it is the only time I ever saw one. They DWARF 747's.
tony wilson
I bet the pilot was pedalling like fury!!!! Powerful video
unknown gaming
It doesn't take off it pushes the earth away
xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx
my question, how that 600,000kg plane can ACCTUALY FLIGHT?!!
sounds like kt-wong bee
Народ Украины купит шкуру террориста Путина
Made in Ukraine! Super!
Серега Вальчук
Amazing video!!
андрей мирошниченко